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I took the leap at the big gap, this is a break it or makes it moment for me, either I will come out alive or will be dead, there is two option, there would have been the third option but I had eaten the seed of Ominous flower, so there will no third condition.


I reached the Gap and started passing through it when I felt thousend of swords stabbing me from every corner.

The injuries started to appear on the sensitive places like my head and my neck, if not for the seed healing all the injuries I have received every moment, I wouldn't have taken me a minuit to die.

Slice Slice….

I felt like time had slowed down as I could feel every injury appearing in my body before they are being healed by the seed of the ominous plant.

A second, only a second is needed for me to passed through the gap but now that second is feeling like a minuit as every tiny movement I was assaulted by the powerful attack, the pain it gave torturously but I had bared it as I will only gonna experience it for a second.


A second like an hour passed as I crashed on the ground with my clothes torn, armor cracked and every inch of my body bloodied but there was a big smile could be seen on my face,

"I am out, I am finally out! hahaha..." I shouted as I started laughing maniacally, not even minding the soil I accidentally ate while laughing maniacally.

I continue laughing in happiness till I can't anymore, I am really right now to finally get out of that repository.

I had spent nearly two weeks time in the repository and I so much wanted to get out after spending two weeks in it.

I have entered the repository when I barely had the strength to fight against the strong Two Star Elite but come out with the strength to kill the normal Three Star Elite which is a very huge improvement.

I now have the strength to clear all the nine challenges in the guild and clearing them would take much of time either.

Not only my strength had increased exponently but I have gained the immense fortune also, this fortune is more than ten times I had expected to get in this ruin.

And the best thing is, there are still twenty-five days more till this realm closed and I wonder what kind of dangers I will face and chance I will come across in the future.

As my euphoria died down, my gaze falls on the ring in my finger. I am clearly aware that it was this ring which had helped me open that Big door.

I had tried it on the doors of the facilities but I got no response from it, this ring likely to work the gates of treasure palaces, repository or other things but not on the machines or robot inside.

This is just my assumption and as this ring could turn out to be a one-trick pony and would not work again, to be completly sure I will have to check treasure palaces and other places in the ruin.

Looking above I could tell its afternoon but I still activated my abode and went inside it to change.

The abode I had activat

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