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Bang Bang Bang…

It has been ten minuits since the monster started running and Ashlyn is following right behind it with the furious offensive.

The monster still has its regenerative abilities but its regenerative speed had slowed down by a notch. If it slowed little more then the monster would not able to keep up with the Ashlynn attacks.

But its not like the only monster is at wit's end, Ashlyn also really very tired that she barely has any energy to continue but she is still continuing attacking it, she wanted to kill this monster at any cost.

A few more minutes passed and its gealing speed slowed down even more that it couldnt able to keep up with the injuries and its gait also became unstable that its feels like it could fall down at any second.


Suddenly it stopped and growled at Ashlyn very loudly, I may not able to understand but I could still see that it is a warning, if Ashlyn continued to attack it will do something to Ashlyn that will be detrimental to both of them.

'Ashlyn be careful!' I said to Ashlyn while I myself also got ready in case it will do something.

This monster had eaten many miracle fruits and got many abilities from them and now it may use that ability again Ashlyn which could be mortally fatal to her.

Ashlyn did not care about the monster warning and kept attacking, seeing the attacks are coming toward it, its eyes became incomparably hard and all that killing intent it was feeling toward Ashlyn suddenly disappeared.

I got alarmed seeing the disappearance of the killing intent from it when suddenly the body of the monster started to become incorporeal and then it started to shrink the size of the thumbnail.

And before I could comprehend what is happening that bright red tiny energy ball shot toward Ashlyn as blurring speed, Ashlyn wanted to avoid it but she could not as the ball was to fast.

That small ball crashed against Ashlyn and disappeared into her body and next moment Ashlyn if suddenly became unconscious and stared fall while shrinking her size.

"Ashlyn!" I screamed loudly and activated mini blast and shot toward her, I was little far from the fight but with the help of the mini blast, I was able to catch her before she could fall on the ground and turned into the bloody paste.

By the time I had caught her she has shrunk back to her original size. From her link, I could feel that her vitals are stable but she is very unconscious.

Tears couldnt help but well in my eyes seeing her such condition, she may seem fine but she is a very dangerous condition, whatever ability that monster use is its last chance and it was clear it wanted to do something to Ashlyn with this move of its.

I shake up Ashlyn gently, thinking she might wake up but there was no use, thinking it may take quite a time before she wakes up, I started to find a good spot before landing.


I landed on the ground and took out the abode, my abode that I left activated b

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