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I lie on the ground weakly with the very injured body, I want to move to hand to eat the speck of ominous plants core to heal my injuries but I did not have the energy to do it.

I was able to solve that terrifying poison but my body is still very injured and looked very horrifying, every inch of my body had been melted and pain it is giving me also is very intense.

I have very good healing power but that waxy poison had injured me to the deepest level, my body is not capable of healing such damage within a short period of time.

"Chew chew..!"

I called Ashlyn out of me asked her to feed me the speck of the ominous plant's core, normally I did not call Ashlyn as it is very dangerous but now I could see formations floating around me and if any formation came floating toward me then I would be in very serious trouble. So, it is better to ask for Ashlynn's help.

'Good Girl!'

I said telepathically as she expertly removed the speck of ominous plant in her tiny beak from my cloths sleeve and feed it to me.

Just as the speck entered my mouth and it transformed into the healing energy and started to flow through my body, healing every injury that came into its the way.

Dried skin started to fall from every inch of my body and smooth skin started to replace it, withing a minute my horrible meted waxed appearance had completly disappeared.

The speck of Ominous plants core had provided me with little energy which helped me moved a little which was enough for me to take out cooked medicinal monster meat from my storage to eat.

This is should be my first time eating in a very horrible environment, dried pieces of skin could be seen hanging from every part of my body and there is that horrible smell of minor cleansing which is enough to make one feel like vomiting.

But I still ate in such an environment as now in this place I dont have the luxury to set up abode and take a long bath to remove all the smell coming from my body.

As I finished eating, the familiar medicinal heat had completely spread in my body, giving me the energy that I needed urgently.

Seeing the weakness receding, I stood up and vaporized all the dead skin from my body with the Sunfire before spraying a very thick perfume over my body.

This is the best I can do, after I get out of here and survived then I might think about taking a long bath.

After taking care of myself, I take a good look at the facility especially at the bottle which still has some liquid stored in them and those which's essence had turned into solid.

These two types of bottles most important but these bottles are a minority as most of the bottles had filled with colorful faded dust.

In the whole room, my eyes are most focused on the single corner where there are only three tiny bottles are placed in that special corner. One look at that one could easily tell that there is something special about the corner.

Yes, that corner used to store something pre

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