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After I finished accessing my strength, I get out of my abode and deactivate it before activating the surface abode. I would have not done this but I have to take inventory of the items I took from the Essense facility.

After activation of the Abode, I emptied the hall and started to take out all the bottles I had collected from the essence facility.

An hour later there are thousands of bottles jampacked in front of me, separated into four groups.

The first group has 2129 bottles, the second group have about 91 bottles, the third group has around 3 bottles and the last group has only one bottle.

The medicinal essence in the biggest group of the bottle has turned into dust but it is dust made from the essence of the medicine it is still worth a lot.

As for the second group which has 91 bottles, it has essences left in them, some essences may have turned murky, some near solid but they haven't turned to dust means their essence is intact that make each of this bottle worth fortune.

The third group of bottles which only have three bottles is many times more expensive than the other two groups despite them having only dust in them.

These three bottles had once of time contained the essence of the miracle fruits, now they only contain the dust but their dust enough to sell them for the fortune.

Miracles fruits in very very high demand for both level up purposes and research purposes and one could be ready to pay any price for it even, even kill for it if the miracle fruit is a rare one.

I have many times people killing one another for miracle fruit in the middle of the outpost, that is how important the miracle fruits are.

The last group contains only a single bottle and it had the multicolor ball inside it which seemed to made of essences of the many precious plants but despite it worth nothing but someday it might worth a fortune and that is why I had collected it.

After making the registry of all the bottles, I placed them in the storage and went to sleep after activating all the security functions of the Abode.

Three days passed by the jiff and in the three days, many things happened to like me fighting and killing three medicinal monsters who have power equal to Three Star Elite and running away from really strong Three Star Elite Grimm Race Monster.

That Grimm race monster was terrifying that I was very seriously injured by the time I was able to get away from it after two hours of the chase.

I had sensed it's battle power and knew it was very powerful but I still wanted to try since it was the next day off when I drank that strengthening solution.

I wanted to see how powerful I have become, so I attack that terrifying Grim race monster and after first clashing, I knew this monster too terrifying to fight and knowing that I started to run with all my might.

But that bastard of the monster followed me with its full strength and even summoned its spirit totem and activated its Occul

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