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I fell on the ground finally as every bit of energy either merged with me or eaten by miracle fruit energy.

Though what I did earlier was simply idiotic, some good things had come out of it. I had reached 26th pose of the 2nd move in the Body Cleansing Exercise and energy of the Miracle fruit had grown quite bigger.

It had accumulated enough energy that It would in the sessions of three to four days not to mention healing properties of it had also increased a little.

The only downside I am experiencing all this is the terrible smell, I have gone through the 2nd minor cleansing of the 2nd move of the Body Cleansing Exercise.

Now I lying on the floor like dying dog, smelling the vomiting smell and the worst thing is I didnt have the energy to vomit even if I want.

After a minuit passed, I staired to gain my energy back and after three minuits I was able to walk weakly, the first thing I did after standing up is to command abode to suck up this vomiting smell before, activating a room freshener all over the abode.

I directly fell into the sleep after I returned from the shower as I am feeling very tired both mentally and physically.

I wanted to read some but I felt very tired to do that, except for taking a rest for half a day to recover my soul power from continuous usage of the Rule power.

That was the only rest I took throughout the whole day, so after returning from the shower I directly fell into the sleep.

After I woke up in the morning, I felt quite refreshed and just wanted to head out for the market but there are still two hours before the market would open.

I freshen up and cooked for us, I wouldn't have had to cook if not both of guzzling up the meat of Silver Fang Hog. this time I did not cook the meat of the Hog but other meat.

Silver Fang Hog is a delicacy, it shouldn't be eaten regularly or it wouldn't be a delicacy.

Just as the 8th ticked by, I got out of my abode and started to walk toward the market excitedly.

When I reached there both humans and Grimm monsters just started to set up their shop, so I decided to roam and looked at the shops that had already opened.

"What do you want to exchange for this star ebony herb!" I asked when I saw one 67 herbs I needed in projection in front of the shot opened by the thin man in his mid-twenties

"Supra flower!" said the thin man, "Good luck to you them, you are asking for a most precious herb for lesser precious herb, the only idiot will give you that!" I said and started to walk away from the shop.

I have lots of plants to buy if I let him take advantage of me then others would also take advantage of me.

"Friend wait!" I heard from behind, it is a shopkeeper who had demanded the exorbitant price for the lesser precious herb.

"Friend I am a fair businessman, what I had said earlier was a joke. Here is the list of things I want if you have any, you can exchange for the ebony star herb." He said with a fawning

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