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"Chew chew!"

Ashlyn chirp excitedly when she saw me but my focus is not on her but the monster behind her.

It is Scorpian Tail Ox but the weird thing is, its running on the air. No monster unless it is a winged monster can fly in the Kight stage but this scorpion tail Ox is walking on the air and its speed is very fast.

Seeing me, Ashlyn's sleepy face lit up and she suddenly increased her speed and went inside me.


The Scorpian Tail Ox seemed quite surprised seeing me and even stopped for a second before its face became even angry as it leaped at me in the air.


I activated the mini blast at my highest speed and started to run, I had known these monsters battle power and even sensed now and know that I am no match for it.

Last time I was only able to see the silhouette of this monster as it was lying near berries but now that I have seen it, I found it is no different from the other Scorpian tail Ox.

It has the complete red body, including the bright red horns and as its name suggests, It had a red scorpion tail which is very venomous and the monster is at the Peak lieutenant stage.

It is no different from other Scorpian Tail Ox but it is way more powerful than the normal Scorpian Tail Ox.


It screamed again and increased its speed again and seeing that I started to spin the swirls even faster, I am already at my limit and now could only depend upon the swirls to get me a boost.

While I was running from it, I was also racking my brain upon how the hell this monster was able to run on the way, as far as I know, no monster below Knight stage could fly in the sky unless it is a winged monster.

As I was racking, my brain I suddenly understood a thing. Miracle Fruit! This is the only thing could make such a thing happen and according to the knowledge I have, there are tens of miracle fruits that could make one gain the ability of flying.

This monster seemed to have an innate sense for Miracle fruit otherwise It would have have been lying in the wait for miracle fruit to mature for months.

I wonder how many other Miracle fruits it ate and what sort of abilities it had gained.

While running, I looked at the monster with starry eyes while thinking about the ways of killing these monsters as the monster that had eaten the miracle fruit is very valuable.

Not only a monster but humans too, if Grimm monster to know that the amount of the Miracle fruit I ate, they will hunt me like crazy.

I dont know if it is true on the human side but on the monster side, I have knowledge of that eating a monster core, there is a 1% chance to gain the ability that monster had gained through the Miracle fruit.


As I was busy with my thoughts, suddenly I sensed spike in killing the intent of that monster and next moment, I felt life-threatening danger.

Bang! Rip!

Instinctively I activated the Occult skill and Jumped using mini blast but I was a little late

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