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It has a clear look of shock in its eyes as it saw itself taking three steps back while being injured, though the injury its nothing as it is healing rapidly.

It had never expected that a puny Level 5 could push it back to this degree this feels unbelievable to it.

Its shocked face contorted before extreme anger on its mousy face, "I have underestimated you too much, you are more powerful than I thought!" said the Ratman and attack me and this time its attack is a lot more powerful than before.

Seeing its attack coming toward me, I also swung my sword as I spin the swirls on my armor faster for more power.


Puh! Thud thud…

This time also when our sword clashed, whatever force and occult energy came at me crushed by my swirling armor before it had reached me and the ratman took continuous steps back with the horror drawn all over its face.

"What are you wretches doing, help me defeat this bastard?" said ratman in loud voice but seeing no response it looked back, it saw four of its minions are lying dead with each of them having a small barely discernable hole on their head.

It hadn't been a minuit since the fight had started but four of its minions are lying dead on the ground, seeing that even more horror appeared on its face and it turned completly pale.

I could see its whole body shaking uncontrollably as it slowly turned its head back look at me.

"Friend fighting would be a waste of time seeing both of us had near equal strength."

"It would be a lot better if we forgo this little conflict and separate in own way, don't yo" It was saying in flattering voice when its abruptly stopped with full terror appearing in its eyes.



"Sorry, not interested!" I said as I removed the sword from its chest, just as it was asking me a question about going to our separate ways I know it is planning on running as soon as it gets a chance.

I dont want this ratman a chance to run as these bastards are really sneaky and have a hundred ways to run away.

So I had activated mini blast just as it was asking the question and before it knew what happened, my sword had pierced through its chest without giving it a chance to defend itself.

I took about all the equipment the Grimm monsters were wearing before storing them all to my storage.

Seeing their power, they must have collected a lot of the precious thing in this ruin and they being Two Star and Three Star elites their bodies also worth a lot after.

Fighting this Ratman, I could say that I now have the power to easily kill the normal Three Star Elite which was little beyond my expectation, previously I had thought I would need work little hard to kill the normal Three Star Elite but I had unestimated myself too much.

Cleaning the scene, I picked up one directed and started to walk.

Now that I was able to escape the repository, I should now focus on finding the way get out of this Garden. It has been near-month since

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