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'I've had recovered enough!' I thought as I was now able to control my body without feeling there are thousands of Kg weights lodged on my body.

I got up from the bed while taking another look at the Ashlyn who is still concentrating looking at the Tablet which again shocked me.

I had been inside the Tablet for four minuits but Ashlyn is inside it for more than an hour, I wanted to shake her up from her concentration but I did not as she is fine.

Like me, she is also getting tired while comprehending the Occult Method Ramons Fury but her speed is is very slow. Its like we both have a tankful of the soul power but for the comprehension of the Tablet, she only needs to drop from the tank while I need a full jug, that is the difference between us.

Means she can comprehend for the hours while I am finished in a few minuits, it seemed like there is a fundamental difference in our souls.

Standing in the training room, I took a deep breath and use the same method that is used to summon the occult the energy and unlike him, I do not move my hands and feet as there is no need to move them.


I felt nothing for the first few seconds but I kept trying and trying after receiving nothing and a minuit later I felt a trickle of strange energy came inside me, this energy is neither hot nor cold but it felt both.

Just as that trickle came inside me, I felt my strength increse a little and I tried to draw more than a trickle of that energy but as I am doing that, the trickle of the energy I was able to suck is disappeared from my body.

After failing the first time, I tried again and this time also, I was able to draw the trickle of the energy and ability to hold it but that was all.

Finally, after two hours of trying, I was able to little more than a few trickles but that was all progress I was able to make, I felt a little disappointed making such small progress but I could do nothing about it except for try harder next time.

To Micheal, this progress seems small but to others, it would be huge as others would need to comprehend for at least a week before they could draw a trickle of energy.

When I went back to the bed, I found Ashlyn is still comprehending, seeing that I shook my head and went to my room to sleep.

"Chew Chew…"

I was waked by the Ashlyn the next day and the reason she woke me up because she is feeling extremly hungry and she wanted to food.

She must be quite tired of all the comprehending, I thought as she was still comprehending when I went to sleep last night.

After I freshened up, we eat the delicious leftovers of last night before I started to practice the body cleansing Technique.

I am very close if my guess is right it shouldn't take me seven to eight days to level up and after that, I could eat that miracle fruit which could help me level up to the Lieutenant stage.

Today's plan is miracle fruit, we are going toward the Miracle fruit that is guarded by the mon

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