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After getting out of the Essense Facility I found a good spot and set up my abode which I had seen earlier.

I really wanted to enter the sorting facility and get out of the gap I had seen as I had enough of this repository but I can't as I am feeling very tired and also I've not made a plan yet.

I want to take a good rest and make a plan with a calm mind before I could even think about, walking through the form without having a plan is a completed suicide.

The first thing I did after setting an abode is to take a long shower and did not come out of it till I smell nothing from my body except the smell of the jasmine.

After coming out of the shower, I cooked dinner and slept directly after eating it.

When I woke up the next morning, I freshened up, ate and went toward the sorting facility. I slip inside the sorting facility and recorded another projected before coming back to my abode.

In my abode, I took out separate projectors and projected two recorded projection of the sorting facility.

There two projected are nearly the same except for a change in the position of some small formations, I had already expected this and not surprised seeing this.

With two projections in front of me, I started to make a plan for my exit which would need me to go through the less formation as possible.

As I was planning that, I couldnt help but get excited as it had been more than ten days in this gloomy machine and I really want to get out of it and smell the fresh air and see some greenery.

I wonder what change had occurred in the Garden and the whole ruin since I had been stuck in this monstrosity.

The best way to get out of this repository had been one on the top floor and before entering the machine I had checked that way and found it utterly decimated, there is no way I would be able to leave through that way.

Before entering the machine I knew I would have to find the new way to exit and the way I had been holding hope is lay decimated.

There were only two choices in front of me that are either to see if the machine had any way to get out or walk down on the floor and towards the right-wing which was filled with many formations to see if it has any way of leaving.

But after seeing the few big gaps in the machine, I had completly discarded the idea going to the floor below and it is more dangerous than the machine.

The gap in the Sorting facility I have seen is the biggest one in the whole repository, through which I could easily walk out but I know it is very dangerous.

Not only the Gap itself is very dangerous but the formations that are on the way also very dangerous, they are so dangerous that each and every one of them could take my life.

I usually would not take such a big risk where the chances of dying are more than 50% but I have no other choice, either go through that formation or wait for a near month for Ruin to close, at that time I would be automatically able to leave without

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