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As the Grimm monsters were leaving, I suddenly noticed a Grimm monster, I first thought I was imagining things but as when I look again, it is the same monster.

I became ecstatic and next moment Ashlyn flew out of me in the sky, that Grimm monster is the same monster that has an Occult Method with it.

I had searched for it ever since I had entered the Camp but I had failed to find it but now I have seen it, I will never going to let go.

I would have really liked to follow it but seeing there are thousands Grimm race monsters, I had refrained myself from doing so, no matter how great my speed is, I would get caught if hundreds of Grimm race monsters tried to chase me.

I watch Grimm leave for few seconds before I took out a small carton of healing potion, open all bottles inside it and crushed few specks of the ominous monster core into them before I fed it those who are just a step away from dying.

Not only Grimm monsters lost their lives but some humans also lost it with hundreds being serious.

These potions may not able to heal their injuries completely as the speck of but they will stabilize their condition surely, I have sawed these people recovering with my own eyes.

When I was healing the injured, an unknown feeling arose in my body but it had disappeared before I could capture it completly, I have felt this feeling before but that time also it had disappeared before I could get hold over it completly.

The result of potions has become quite visible, to those I feed the positions, they started to recover in the few seconds.

I am not the only one who is feeding precious medicine to the injured, others also doing the same.

After healing the injured, we moved toward the bodies of the fellow humans, we first remove all the artifacts they are wearing before burning their bodies.

After the bodies burned to ash, collecting the ash in a pot before sealing the Pot with the storage which contains all the belonging of the dead.

Everyone is doing this solemnly no word is spoken during the procedure, everyone's mood is solemn.

I placed all the containers in my storage and will submit to the Adventurers paradise, others will also do the same otherwise there will be consequences.

After all the bodies are burned, the somber atmosphere lifted a little as the people started to collect the bodies of the Grimm monster that they had killed and without a doubt, I had killed most Grimm monsters.

While I was collecting the bodies of the Grimm monsters, many people had come to me say thank you for saving their life, I just smiled at them while solely focused on thinking amount of fortune I will have through these bodies and the storages of the monster.

These Grimm race monster were Three Star Elite, their storage should contain many rare and precious things. I can't imagine the things I will from there storages.

"If you handnt been here we would have surely lost more people," said John,

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