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A sound came out of my mouth when I sensed the number of monsters coming toward me and their levels.

I had expected it to be five to six monster with One Star Elite or Two-Star Elite as a leader since Ashlyn didnt asked me to hide but it turned out this group of monsters have fourteen monsters with three Three Star Elite as the leader.

If it had been morning, I would have surely run away from this team as I would have been able to survive against one Two Star Elite but fighting three Three Star Elite would have been absolute death.

But now I dont such a problem if there would have been two more normal Two Star Elites I would have been fine.

Currently, I have the power to Beat th 6th challenger in the guilds challenge which is asking to normal Two Star Elite and with adding a power boost my swirling armor, I have the power to fight against slightly stronger Two Star Elite Elite which is power similar to the 7th Challenger in the Guilds Challenge.

If I had been in the Outpost, I would have been Mid-level powerhouse but here I am not. I have already sensed the few beings in the past few days who have gone beyond Three Star Elite and fortunate enough survive as one of them was a Grimm race monster while the other was monster.

A few seconds after me sensing them, the team of Grimm race monsters appeared in view. This team as I had sensed fourteen Grimm race monsters of the various tribe and have three Grimm race monsters that are Two Star Elites.

They looked quite surprised when they looked at me when standing amidst a bunch of vines and roots. They did not say anything just kept observing me and vines and roots about when one Crocman's expression changed suddenly.

"Ominous Ghost Tooth Flower and more than one at that!" said the Crocman loudly, hearing it saying loudly all the Grimm race monsters started to look at roots and vines and their expression have changed also.

"Hand over the all the Ominous Ghost Tooth Flower you have got and we will give you swift death but if you resist then I will let you be eaten by my friends here?" Said Black Viperman, clearly threatening me.

I smiled at its threat while reminding myself to collected its Poison after I killed it, the poison of this Brigadier Black Viperman is very useful to me, the poison of Black Viperman I am using for the poison training had become too low grade for me as it is the poison of Black Viperman of Major Stage.

The Viperman became angry seeing the peculiar look I am giving it, "Looks like you have no intention to giving us the Ominous Ghost Tooth Flower, in that I won't be polite." said the Viperman as it came at me with the swift speed while activating its spirit totem on the way.

Seeing it coming at me, Ashlyn who was on my shoulder flew up.

Seeing the Black Viperman coming at me, I did not move from my spot. I would have not moved from my spot if all the three of them came at me.

As it came closer to me, it swung its s

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