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After cooking dinner and eating, I decided to sleep instead of using the last Knowledge Essense Crytal.

I am feeling quite tired that I had decided to forgo the practice of Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise.

Using two knowledge essence crystals is my limit if I used the third crystal then my head which is now buzzing slightly will blast apart fully, so it is better I use it in the morning when I am feeling refreshed.

When I wake up in the morning I felt very good, there was no buzzing in my head, no mind weighing tiredness that I had been feeling last night.

After freshening up, I took the out leftover from yesterday and ate till my stomach full and when the familiar heat started to spread through my body I started performing the body cleansing exercise.

I hope today will be the day, I will able to perform 1st pose of the second move, eversince I had reached the 108th pose I want able to move forward from it.

Today I plan to do that and even have the confidence as yesterday morning I have come quite close doing that.

12th, 24th, 36th, 48th, 60th, 72nd, 84th, 96th, 108th, by the time I had reached the last pose of the 1st move I had became quite tired and just wanted to stop but I did not.

I have to reach to the 1st pose of the 2nd move today, I've already wasted more than enough time stuck in the 108th pose.

I continue performing the 108th pose and reached its end, I have come to this state many times but never able to go ahead of it.


I shouted through my gritted teeth and started to move forward but like always, I had stuck like a statue wanting to move forward but can't.


I screamed loudly and used every bit of force I had to move and I was able to move a little, seeing my eyes brightened and I used even more force that had been hiding deep down inside me.

Finally! I was able to reach the 1st pose of the 2nd move and I can instantly notice the change inside me.

The temperature and suppression inside me increased and the hiding energies also had come out, I can see the energies that were roaming like a free bird had become a little slow.

Which helped Miracle fruit energy a little and it started to eat whatever energy it comes across feverishly without leveling a bit.

I had continued to perform even after miracle fruit energy finished eating all the energies and now eating energies coming out from inside with every moment I make.

Just a minuit more! I thought as I kept performing, I had reached the 1st pose of 2nd move but I have performed it fully, only after performing fully I would let go otherwise reaching 2nd move would be futile.


I finally reached the end of the 1st pose of 2nd move and let go, next second I fell on the floor with a thud.

Tent minuits later, I got up and walked into the tiny shower of my abode while marveling at the medicinal energy.

No matter how many times I see, I could help but marvel the

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