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Time passed by and I dont know how much, I am only feeling hunger but that I had discarded in the face of the comprehending.

As my comprehension advanced, I was able to get a little closer to the bead to comprehend more clearly. The most amazing thing that happened that after I had my rule power advanced and I can now directly concentrated on the bead.

Though my head started to hurt when I do that, the hammering pain is nothing compared to the comprehension I am getting from directly concentrating on the sun bead.


Time passed a little when I sensed something, I felt that the power of the bead is lessening and its lessening at a visible rate. The temperature which has become hot enough to burn the normal person to ash now had become that even a normal person could able to bear it and its just happened in a few seconds.

This change is too shocking, I had thought I will have at least a few days at least to comprehend from this bead, I wanted to reach Middle of mid-stage at least but seeing the speed in which the Bead losing its power, I dont think I will even have few minutes much less the days I had expected.

Its will lie to say I am not disappointed by this but I am not much sad as I am still very happy that my rule power able to advance and now I have power equal to the three-star elite that I had always dreamed of.

If that three-star Grimm race monster had chased me right now, I am confident of fighting it head-on. I may not able to defeat it but I am confident enough to fight against it in equal terms.

I was right as the barely a minuit later the power of bead had completly disappeared and with it, the bead had also disappeared.

That bead was either naturally born rule treasure or someone with great power had solidified the basic grade od Rule power, to do one need a powerful comprehension of Rule power and abnormal control.

As I am very sure that bead was emitting a Basic Grade of rule power not higher grade.


I was mulling over the reason why the Sunfire Bead disappears so quickly when Ashlyn came inside me and change started happening inside my source.

The Comprehension of the Sunfire Rule that we both have gained now started to merge and there is change happening in Sunfire rule and it is good to change as it's aura is growing.

The aura is rising, sometime it would violent and sometimes it would be stable but as time passed, both of the auras merge having both Violent and Stable properties.

And now the situation had reversed in my source, the killing rule which used to suppress the Sunfire Rule had now being suppressed by the Sunfire rule.


I gasped when I sensed the power of the Sunfire rule emitting, it's power now reached the Middle of Mid-level of Basic Stage and with such power, I now had the strenth to completly dominate and kill the normal Three Star elite.

I had thought that m power will increse when comprehension of both will be merged but I di

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