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I took a few more steps toward the skeleton before I stopped, in front of me are two broken formations that are floating in a close range nearly blocking all the way ahead.

if I want to go ahead then I will have to jump through the gap between these two formations.

I will have to take a leap and leap had to be extremely accurate, a simple mistake on my part could make me lose my life.

"Ashlyn go take a look at the other size!" I asked Ashlyn. I can see the other perfectly but there could be small formation could be hidden there beside the skeleton, I want to be sure so when I jump to the other side, I won't step on some hidden formation.

"Chew chew!"

Ashlyn chirp as she came out of me and flew toward the other side cautiously. I and Ashlyn shared the connection, so I can see through what she is seeing but I seldom do that view my eyes and her eyes see are little different.

I closed my eyes and concentrated and soon 320-degree view appeared in from of my eyes and it is also much clearer than what I can see through my eyes.

Compare to humans who could see in the Arc of 120 degrees, most birds have vision arc above the 300 degrees and some even have a complete vision of 360 degrees.

Seeing like this felt quite uncomfortable but I still concentrated and scanned every inch of the floor for the hidden formation and I continued for minuits and only broke connection when I became confident that there are no formations in a place where I am going to land.

"Come back, Ashlyn!" I called back Ashlyn, I didnt want to be outside more than she needs to be, she is safer inside me. This she didnt give me any looks and quickly came inside me.

I took a couple of deep breath and think about all the unknown scenarios that could occur before I took the leap at the gap, I have a very small window to go through and a small mistake could make me lose my life.

That is why I have swirling Armor activate on me, so if any unfortunate situation occurs, I could use the mini blast as the last option to getaway.

Though mini blast could directly crash me against any formation but afar but that's not the important, important is having life in hand for one more moment.

The leap is fast but I could see everything in slow motion with perfect clarity and could tell my leap is going to be perfect without any problem.

Fucking formation!

I cursed when I saw a tiny formation came flying on the place I wanted to land, the only good thing about it that it is small, so dodging should not be much problem,

As I passed through the gap, I bend my waist a little through it I changed the direction of my landing within a safe range.

Before jumping I have had already thought of many expectant events that may occur during my leap and this one was top of the priority and that is why I've already made the plans to deal with it.

As I was about to land on the ground, I had used my air walking skill, to cushion the force of my landi

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