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'Poison immunity is really good!' I thought as I scanned myself with my soul sense, the essence poison of the BlacK Snakeman is coursing through my body but no matter how much it tried, it can seem to harm it.

I scanned it every inch of my body to see if it is affecting any other part but no, it is not affecting any other part of my body.

Poison immunity is not the only thing I have received, I found that my healing speed has doubled than before and the strength boost I got could be compared to the fifteen seals of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

These all boosts are incredible, I have never thought I would gain so much in a few hours.

The Body Cleansing Exercise is really amazing, not only it had cleansed my body but it had also merged all sorts of energies into me, one being most special that is Ominous Ghost Tooth Essense Poison.

The power it has was no less than a mystic medicine, it had not only to give me poison immunity but it also made my body strong.

It is said every pose, it would create a mysteries cleansing energy which would be released in small parts at every 12 poses and when one performed 108 poses, it would release full thus creating the melting effect.

This cleansing energy production will be kept increasing with every move and after the 10th move, its production would increse so immensely that every pose could create enough energy could create the melting effect.

But how hard is to reach the 10th move, even the owner of White Axe who was only able to reach 9th move after the years of hard work and people of his organization had started to call him a freak.

From what I have seen in the memories that very difficult to reach 16th pose that only negligible amount people able to reach it, even in Supreme Level Organisation there is a handful of those who were able to reach it.

I dont if its true or not about the Supreme Level Organisation as those people when they talked about the Supreme Level organization, they had dreamy look in their eyes.

I quickly collected the stuff from the Grimm Race Monsters Bodies, especially their storages. This is quite a powerful team, they must have collected quite a bit of precious plants and medicine monsters and now this all will be mine.

I would be an idiot to submit this to the guild or adventurers paradise directly as it is an open secret that they both keep some precious things that found in it.

It is not difficult to open these storages either I could ask the help of my former team leaders help or I could just capture small Grimm race monsters and have it open the storage or I could use that option which is easiest.

After putting Grimm monsters and their stuff in my storages, I went back to the Vines and Roots of the Ominous Ghost Blood Flower.

All the parts of Ominous Glost tooth Flower are crazy expensive, so much I would even able to sell normal leaf on it for tens of crystals that is how expensive this flower is.

I carefully st

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