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The fireball crashed against the base of the flower and made a palm-size hole inside. The purple flower which had been glowing brightly instantly dimmed down completly.

Dead as I expected!

Seeing their friend dead, all three Ghosttooth flowers gone crazy and madly started to flay the vines on all directions searching for that fireball but they come across nothing and that time I resumed my attacks.

Sup sup sup…

As if blaming me for their friends' death, they started to defend against my attacks with a vengeance while trying to reach me but I am outside their range, no matter how they tried, their vines couldnt reach me.

These plants are terror with their vines, if they had the mobility like a plant monster, they would have been intensely powerful that even I would have had to run away from it.

They have a lot of steel like vines and immense vitality to boost them, even if their vines are cut they will grow anew in a minute.

Sup sup sup….

I continued my attacked but this time my pace is slow as I wasn't able to continue with the intense attacks.

Time passed and we kept playing attack and defend and with more my attacks had started to get deeper and deeper into the area of plants.

The killing rule is such an amazing rule, it may have offensive power as normal Level 2 Rule but it had many side perks, intuition and analyzing is one of them.

As the battle gets longer, I started to notice the pattern of the monsters attacks and no matter how perfect one's attacks is there are always loopholes and it is the same for these three plants.

The more I kept fighting with them, the more I understood their pattern which helped me launched the attacks.

Another half an hour passed and now my attacks could reach five meters near the flowers, which is very close seeing there is net of near hundreds of vines around the fifty-meter area around the plants.

Sup sup sup sup…'Ashlyn now!'

I suddenly increased the intensity of attacked and asked Ashlyn to attack.

My attacks have now become three times faster than before leaving vines scrambling and that exact moment, a fireball come out of the dead plant's body and moved toward the next plant.


Seeing all the Ghostooth plants are nearly connected to each other, the fireball didnt take even a second to pierce through the second Ghostooth plant killing it immediately before shooting up in the sky.

Vines tried to catch the fireball with their all but fireball was fast and swiftly flew around dodging the vines nimbly due to its small size.

Chew Chew!

When the fireball came out of the vines range, it burst open and Ashlyn came out of it. It was Ashlyn who had covered herself in the very dense ball of fire which had killing rule and Sunfire rule merged in it.

I called this move of her Cannonball as when it hits the target, it creates a very destructive force. That force is much time stronger than her fire pearls but it is

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