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The Repository mainly used to store the herbs and each repository used to store specific types of plants or plants that have specific elemental alignment.

But not all repository store the herbs, some used as a storeroom to store the equipment that tends to Garden while others used for something else but they are the minority.

I hope I will be able to find something good before leaving. Here my first goal is to find the exit and if I found somethings on the then its also good.

I stood up from my spot and carefully look around, two ways beside me one leads to right while other to left, I walk toward the left one as the right had too many damaged runic formations that make one shudder just looking at.

This place may look safe but is extremly dangerous, I may step on something that may activate the dormant formation that could kill me the next moment.

I cautiously walk into the hallway, carefully not to touch or step on the wrong formation. Avoiding small and big rubble I have finally arrived near the door.

There seemed to a total of three doors on the left side of the hallway before the stairs reached the next floor.

I wore the glove artifact before I tried to gently pushed the door, this door had the runes floating around the door and I want my hand to cut apart if some formation got activated.


The door made the creaking sound before it started opening, seeing it is opening I added even more force against the door and soon the view of the whole room appeared in front of me.

This space can not be said to be room but the big hall and this big hall is littered with machines be it big and small and looking at robots that are lying around in complete incomplete form, I could guess that this Automaton maintenance hall.


I said as I looked at robots and machines that were lying around ecstatically, these robots do not any value to me but they are very very valuable to others. Guild, Adventurers Paradice, and Central continent all of them want these robots and machines. The price they offer more than top-ranked precious plants.

I cautiously walk into the hall, careful to not step onto anything I shouldn't.

There are to be ten to fifteen robots but only three to four of them seemed to be good conditions.

I walked toward the closest machine on which Robot is sprawled up, it looked like it's is middle of the repairs. I cautiously approached and pull the robot out of the machine and to my surprise I felt no resistance except for using little more force as the robot is a little heavy.

These black color Robots are a similar size of the human and their physic also similar to humans, if one would put the thick cloak on them then nobody would be able to identify them as robots.

After putting the first Robot in my storage, I moved toward another which is sprawled on the ground and put them in my storage and about to move toward third when I heard some sound from the corner.


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