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I said loudly as I started to take out various potions bottles from my pocket and drank them one after another, while at the same time using my rule power to contain the poison.

Without asking, Ashlyn entered inside me. After drinking more than ten potion bottles, I activated my abode hesitation and went inside just as it fully activated.

As for the four Ominous Ghost tooth Flowers, I fucking dont care!

They may have something that could instantly heal the injuries, they may have something that could instantly regrow limb but they dont have anything that could help me against their poison, an essence poison at that.

If I eat any part of them, it would not help me instead it will amplify the poison.

The reason they got name Omnious Ghost tooth flower instead of Life Miracle Flowers which suits them best as every part could be used in saving a life is that because of their poison.

There is a list of most poisonous being under Knight Grade and in that list, the poison of flower ranked 6th and that poison called Ominous Ghost Tooth Poison.

It is because of its poison it had named the Ominous Ghost Tooth Poison.

I reached down my abode and looked inside me with my soul sense and I paled again.

Without caring for the price, I took out the small glass bottle from my storage and inside it a tiny golden liquid could be seen, I took one unwilling look at the bottle and drank it whole.

That small bottle had contained all the Daffodil Bees honey I have, normally I would only drink daffodil honey when I have no choice and my current condition is worse than I have no choice.

I could clearly see all potions that had come across that Dark Grey Tar like poison would be swept inside it and eating this the poison would grow more.

Only after drinking Daffodil honey would it able to stop for less than a minuit before it started to eat the daffodil bees honey and grow bigger, seeing that I had become completly paled.

I had thought that daffodil honey would able to stop it as it is effective against almost anything but instead of crushing this tar-like substance, it instead crushed by it and then got eater.

The Daffodil honey can't be blamed its level is too low, the honey came from the Corporal stage Daffodil bees and the poison was from Brigadier stage Omvious Ghostooth Flower.

If the honey was from the Brigadier stage Daffodil Bees, it would have stood the chance against it.

I wanted to use that Potion but it for bodily injuries not for the poison, Jim had clearly told me that it is not a bit useful against the poison otherwise I would have surely drunk that.

Shit shit shit…

I started to curse loudly as it broke through the double layer confinement of the of my rule power and immediately seeped inside me, disappearing from my sense.


This is only thought came in my mind, from what I have read I have a maximum of twenty minuits before my deaths came.

The essence po

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