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A dense black liquid started to come out of my body, bringing the most horrible smell I've ever smelled, it smelled a hundred times more worst that the most horrible smell I have ever smelled.

The Black liquid continues to come out my body and within a few seconds, a layer of black appears on my body.

Controlling my senses, I concentrated my soul sense inside my body, only to see a black substance coming out from every pore of my body and it continued for minuit.

The slight shaking of my body had also stopped and my body started to return to normal.

Seeing the layer of horrible black filth covering my body, I left dumbstruck as I never through my body that this much filth in it and this is just the first move of Body Cleansing Exercise. I wonder what happened in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th even 16th move.

I release the miracle fruit energy that I had desperately held on to after the cleansing process finished.


Just as I released the Energy of the Miracle fruit, it crushed all the barriers and when it comes across the final where it always stopped for a moment, this time it did not stop and directly crushed that barrier as this time I had more than enough miracle fruit energy than I need for level up.

As the energy of Miracle broke through the final barrier, I started to level up. I could see the changes happening to me. My body, soul and mana all three are advancing at a visible pace.

About ten minuit later, I had finally leveled up to the Mid-level of Master Stage and about to get up as this filthy smell had really become unbearable when I sensed something which made me stopped my movement.

I thought this would happen during only a big level up, did not think this will happen during a small level up also, I thought happily as I concentred on my source and saw the exact scene what I had expected to see.

The shadow of Ashlynn's source is hanging above my source and from it, energy transmitting to my source which is making its aura grew denser and color brighter.

I concentrated on Ashlynn's source and entered her's source seeing Ashlynn's source sucking off energy from the blood drop. Seeing this process happening and will take some time to finish off, I calmed my mind and concentrated on the blood drop.

This is always the best time to concentrate on Blood Drop as I can get the clearest images only this time and fire rule became clear.

Time passed as I concentrated on the Blood drop concentrating at the blur images while at the same time try sense fire rule which will help take my Sunfire rule to the Mid-stage.

Time passed by and about two hours later, Ashlyn's source stopped sucking the energy. The power of my fire ability had increased again by manyfold, which means the fire of swirling armor also increased.

If earlier I am strong as I had been earlier then I wouldn't have had to fight so desperately against that Ominous Ghost Tooth Flower, I thought as I started getting up.


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