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Now only two facilities have remained, Sorting facility and Essense Facility. I will be first open the Sorting facility and then the Essense facility.

I move toward the Sorting facility and half an hour later I reached it, without wasting time, I started to open the facility while positioning myself in a very uncomfortable position.

Till now all the facilities I've opened, very few had given me a chance to open them in comfortable fashion as most of the facilities I had opened, I had to open them in a very uncomfortable position.

One time I have to snake my legs across the thin beam to support myself as I opened that facility. It was really uncomfortable and dangerous, if my grip had been loosened, I would have directly fallen on the broken formation that is grinding below.

This sorting facility is one of the difficult ones to open, I have opened many facilities but very few have hard as this one.

Time passed as I continue to open the pay in a steady and cautious pace, I did not dare to be hasty, I had nearly lost my life due to my hastiness three days ago.


It took me little more than three hours to open the way into Sorting facility but I had finally done and now I will eat the fruits of my label there is any.


I slowly slide across the way I had opened but suddenly stopped when I was halfway there as I saw something very shocking in my opposite direction.

The whole sorting facility in shamble with light medicine smells, everything in the room is covered in the dust and there is a gigantic formation that is opposite of facility which is giving off the frightening presence.

But I am not concentrating on it but the big gap present inside that formation, the gap is very big and I could even see scenes of outside though it.

I became ecstatic seeing this but soon sobered as not only crossing this formation going to be dangerous but before reaching that formation, I will have to cross the several formation that is between us.

The formations are very dangerous could even kill instantly but despite knowing the dangers, the thoughts of going through this formation started to form in my mind.

This formation may be filled with danger but it has the highest chance to get me outside as the earlier formation I had chosen had a crack that was less than a meter wide. I would have to dive to pass through it but this formation has a two-meter long crack and it is also quite wide from which I could easily pass through.

I did not enter the sorting facility as this whole facility filled with big and small formations.


I was about to prepare to slide back when I noticed something which stopped me on tracks.

This is sorting facility and it has more than fifty transparent pipe-like things that took sorted plants to their places but I noticed that more than half of these pipes are fixed to the single node and if I am not wrong then this giant node leads to the Essense facility.

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