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I continued looking at the Robot on the ground vigilantly, expecting it to be get activated again any moment and attack me but after waiting for a few minutes, it did not get activated again.

Feeling relieved I quickly stored it in my storage, these robots worth fortune be it complete or damage all of them worth fortunes.

In these twenty days, I have earned more than ten times of fortune I have come to this realm expecting and if I was able to survive till the last day, I will take this all home.

With fortune I've earned, I will be able to forge my Totem Artifact with the best materials and just thinking about that my eyes started to shine but I soon calmed myself from my fantasies and collected robots cautiously.

After putting all the robots inside my storage, I activated my holowatch and opened the section about the automaton maintenance hall.

I have only read about robots but they are not the only important things in this maintenance hall.

These big machines are also very important, though I can't take them seeing their big size and a huge weight there is something that I can take from them and that is spare parts of the robots.

These are maintenance machines, so it is obvious that they will have spare parts of robots in them and I want to take those spare parts as their value isn't less than the top precious medicine.

I activated my holowatch because I am finding the safe way to open these machines, I dont want to make mistake and get blasted apart by the security function of these machines.

The diagrams started to appear in from me one by one and I selected them which looked like these machines around me.

I chose the diagram of Machine in front of me and started to read the information opening the machine and collecting the important parts. It took me more than an hour to finish reading but I got a basic idea of how to open it.

If the machines were in working conditions, I would have been able to open them by simply typing some commands on its control pad but now I have to open it in the old fashioned way.

I took out some morphing tools from my storage and morph these tools to required tools size that will need to open these machines in the old fashioned way.

'This should take a while' I thought as I started to work on the big machine. The normal way would have taken ten minuits maximum but this way will take at least an hour.

I used various tools on the machine while taking look at my holowatch now and then, I am not an expert and never work on the machine except for helping my father fixing his medical equipments.

But there is a huge difference between them as the mistake repairing medical machines could give a small shock and brake machine at maximum but here the slightest mistake could kill me directly.

I didnt have to do all these seeing the fortune I will earn selling these robots outside, even a few incomplete robots would have been enough for me to pay for all the mate

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