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I reached 48th to move within the five minuits, usually, I need three times than this but today I've done it but this isn't time to happy about it as the front poses that I have to perform will take more and more time.

I am even worried if I would be able to reach 83rd pose before the 45 minuits over, at 83rd pose the energy of miracle fruit came out and I am counting on it to eat the ominous ghost tooth poison and more poses I perform, the higher home field advantage it will have against the Ominous Poison.

Seeing the power of the Ominous Poison, I know the energy of the miracle fruit won't be matched to the poison but if it has the furnace-like environment to boot, a place where it is born and have an

advantage in.

Even if it had not able to strike against it, even if it only able to confine it securely, that would be enough for me. After going out of this realm, I would be able to find an antidote or I might get lucky and find something against this poison.

With the intense hope to survive, I continue performing but forward I go, the more time it needed for me to perform the poses. Still, I kept trying will my all, trying to be faster than last even if it is not possible than became faster than the last pose, it will be enough if I take some time performing current pose last post.

Sweat could be seen dripping from my body, there is no single part of my form where the sweat isn't coming but I dont have time worried about that as I am most focused on performing the poses faster.

Ominous Ghost Tooth poison is sucking all the energy released from the digested part of my heart that I had eaten and one surprising thing is that I had underestimated the medicinal energy heart has.

Its not surprising that till now all the monster I have hunted, I have never eaten their hearts. I had known that hearts have way too much energy and I didnt want to eat them in a place like aferian ruin.

It's a good thing the heart I chose to eat is that of the weakest monster if it had been the heart of the powerful monster then even if Ominous Ghostblood poison sucking the energy, some would have surely would have leaked and popped me up like a balloon.

Time passed and I continued performing like a mad and finally, I had reached the 83rd pose in 37th minuit, just as the miracle fruit energy came out it moved toward the Medicinal energy and started eating crazily.

The eating speed of Miracle fruit energy slow by half compared to the ominous poison, I had already expected this but it still made me very disappointed.

Now it completely depends on the Body Cleansing Technique and how much it could suppress the ominous poison to give the energy of the miracle fruit a chance.

But for that happen, I will have to continue performing and reach 108th pose at least, only then will I able to give the fighting chance to the energy of the miracle fruit.

I kept performing while both of the energies kept eating the energies, I coul

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