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Clang! Puh Puh…

Another of my attacks hit squarely on his shield and this time also he puked blood while taking a step back.

I have attacked him a total of nine times, on every attack he would put on his for defense and always puke blood while taking a step back but after every attack, he would lift his shield in defense.

I was just thinking whether to continue attacking him or attack some Grimm monster see how they more of them in the area when I felt another sneak attack coming at me and this attack is very powerful.

Bang! sup!

I activated the mini blast without hesitation and dodged the attack barely, I could still feel a very sharp wind blade that passed by my ears. The one attacked me must be very powerful, otherwise, I wouldn't have so little time to dodge.

With me comprehending the killing rule it is very hard for others to sneak attack on me, as I will either sense killing intent or I will sense the attack coming since my senses are stronger than the usual.

So, the one could get so close to me their attack has to be very powerful. When I looked at who attacked me, I found it was a special Grimm monster, a crowman to be exact.

It looked very surprised seeing me dodging but that was for a moment before it came at me with blurring speed and attacked me with its sword.

I had already started spinning the swirls on my Swirling Armor fast as I could when I survived its sneak attack as I know it is a very powerful opponent and now that I am sensing its battle power, I have become even surer.

This crowman is very powerful and even if I would have known that even if I had not been able to sense it battle power, the score above its head would have been enough.



Seeing it coming toward me, I did not back down either, I had activated the mini blast and sped toward it and when I got close enough, I activated another mini blast on my sword hand for an extra boost.

It looked surprised when I increased the power of my attacks through the mini blast but it did not back away instead it increased the power of its attack.


A deafening clang rang out, it was so loud that it had made deaf for a moment and with the clash came immense force, the force was much more intense than I had expected and unlike before this time, a very tiny part of it was able to enter my body.

Though the force was very tiny that I would have been able to bear when I had the strength of the One Star Elite, this force had made me surprised and I am surprised not because it was able to breach me but because the force was too little.

The attack just now was very strong that it could make the one with the power SiX Star Elite heavily injured but my Ar

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