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The Raging momentum of the miracle fruit energy had stopped and the reason is my refinement Engine. Last time also when I had leveled up to the Master stage something like this happened, I had to tear apart the barrier to level up and this time I am also going to do the same.

Using all my power, I crashed across the blockade, I thought the barrier would crash seeing how much force I had put in but aside from little shaking nothing had happened to it.

It surprised me little but I soon calmed myself and started to build the force to crash against the blockade again.

I kept building sufficient force and when I wasn't able to control it anymore, I made it crash on the Blockade.


Just a crack? I asked myself when I saw the result which again surprised me as the blockade of this time more powerful than last time if it had the same as the last time then the miracle fruit energy itself would have been enough to break through the barrier.

I did not give up and started building more and more force every time but most of the time I would only form a crack on the blockade and that crack would disappear within the second.

I have to crack the barrier and for that, I continue attacking against the barrier, so I could accumulate more and more force before it mixes it with previous force to make it stronger.

Crack Crack Crack… Bang!

This strategy seems to work as every time the cracks would wider than before as soon I started to form the bigger and bigger spiderweb on the barrier before I had accumulated enough force that, it was able to tune the blockade into the dust as it crashed against it.

The energy miracle fruit separated into two and spread into me and Ashlyn to make us level up.

While Miracle energy was leveling me, there is a big change happening to my Refinement Engine as well.

The Glass vessels that had formed last time started to swell, they are swelling a balloon, I could clearly see the three spots over my refinement engine where they are swelling.

They seemed like small circular domes on my Refinement Engine. I have read a lot of the refinement engine but I had never read about such freaky stuff happening to the Refinement Engine.

It is common for change to occur in the refinement engine when one level up every time and there is a big change when leveling up to the Lieutenant stage but I have never heard something like this happening.

All my friends had leveled up to the lieutenant stage but no one mentioned something freaky like this happening.


As I watched three small glasslike done forming on my refinement Engine, my gaze attracted to another thing that is happening just beside the Refinement Engine.

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