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Everlasting Blaze a Totem Artifact from Everlasting Elements series, which ranked 4th in the list of Totem Artifact I have. The Everlasting Element has a total of sixteen totem artifact in it, and they aligned toward five elements and their variation.

Everlasting Blaze is a powerful totem artifact and very suited for the Sophia whole fire had blazing flavor. If she were able to craft this Totem Artifact, it would give her a huge boost to her boost.

These Totem Artifacts, especially those in the Top 10, they gave more than power boost, their usefulness show in the higher stages.

"Sure." "And Raina, which Toten Artifact do you want?" I asked Raina, who seemed to be in deep thoughts; she got little startled by the question but did not answer quickly as if making a difficult decision.

"Ephemeral Glaze," Raina finally said after some time. I am stunned by her choice as I had expected her to choose from the Everlasting Frost from Everlasting series like her sister, but she wanted the exact opposite.

Ephemeral Glaze is the exact opposite of the Eternal Blaze in properties but in definition as well., Everlasting means to last forever, while ephemeral is for an instant.

The Ephemeral series ranked 6th but is as powerful as the Everlasting series, its just that it is powerful in its way, and it depends on its user how much power they brought from the Artifact.

It is like tow of Rules powers, both Rule of Killing and Rule Sunfire are the Peak 2nd Level Rules, but Sunfire is the purely offensive rule while Killing focuses on senses, but that does not mean Rule of Killing is weaker than the Rule of Sunfire.

Both of them are equally powerful, and it depends on the use to brought out their real power.

I took out the Physical Pad and started to draw the Blueprint of the Totem Artifacts that they chose.

The Totem Artifact Blueprint I got couldn't be drawn electronically, or the will fry, not only the Totem Artifacts I have but common artifacts also couldnt be drawn, or they will cook the system.

For some reason, complex runic formation fry the electronic system when it is drawn on them. The reason for it is that the system is too delicate, but if the electronic system is robust, then it can bore the pressure of the intricate runic formation.

"The natural treasure you have may work as the core material for the Totem Artifacts, but other things that it needs are rare and expensive as well," I said as I passed them to copies.

These compies contain the Totem Blueprint and list of material they needed to craft it, including the supplements of that materials.

"Ok, I'll leave now," I said to them, they are busy reading the copied I have provided to them.


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