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"Grimm Monsters!"

Its just had been a few minuits since we have entered the Sardine Hills and we came saw the silhouette of the Grimm monsters, seeing it all half of rookies behind me stopped on their tracks and let out shouts of surprised.

This must be their first time seeing the Grimm monsters, not all people were daring like me and twins who would go to the hunting ground even before joining the guild.

Seeing the Grimm monsters I did not stop and walked as if I did not see them, these Grimm monsters were not even a One Star Elite, a simple slap from me could send them to the underworld.

"Oh, look a treat!" said the Grimm monster as they spotted our team, hearing a Grimm monsters voice the rookies behind me started to take out their weapons, two people even summoned their totem artifacts.

I took a side look at them before three fingernail size fireballs formed on my tips of fingernails, and with the slight motion of my hand, they flew toward the Grimm monsters.

The tiny fireballs may seem slow, but they are extremly fast as they reached them before they were able to draw out their weapons.

Dhub Dhub Dhub!

Three fireballs touched the three Grimm monster, and they stood still before red hue came over them, the red hue lasted for a second before it turned grey.

They became a statue of grey ash, and ash could be seen flying coming off them as the wind passes.

Gasp Gasp…

Repeated gasps could be seen from the rookies as they saw three Grimm monsters turning alive to the statues of ash.

To create the fireball earlier, I have taken the inspiration from Ashlyn's tiny fireballs, their fireballs will seep inside the body and burn it from inside. The fire that I used is made only my fire ability, I did not use any Rule power in it as I won't have to.

These Grimm monsters were too weak for me to use my Rule power to kill them, my fire ability is more than enough to deal with them.

"They have really turned into ash!" said Soft voice, this voice woke up all the rookies out of their stupor only to see their fellow team member walked near the Grimm monster and now she is poking them with her sword.

No one expected the shy girl to be this daring; while they were in a stupor, she had already walked near the monster bodies and started poking them.

"It is really is."

Said others as they reached near the statues and started posting them with their weapons and hands, that in a few seconds, the whole bodies of Grimm monster collapsed into the ground, becoming a pile of ash.

"Let's not waste time; you all still have monsters to fight," I said and started to walk forward, and they hastily followed behind me.

We started walking, and next in no time, we have come across a lone Grimm monster which had turned into statue ash like its kin earlier. We moved forward and came across more and more Grimm monsters, of which were killed by me.

Half an hour later, after entering the Sardine hills, I no

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