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Seeing the potion ready, I took out an Icy herb from my storage and placed the drink on to cool it. It usually is better to let cool slowly from room temperature, but currently, we don't have the luxury to wait.


The position made a hissing sound as it started to cool down rapidly, and in just a minute, the temperature of the potion cooled down to slightly hot.

"As soon as Raina wakes up to teach her the secret method and make her circulate it as quick as possible, if she fell unconscious again it will very hard to wake her up again," I said to Sophia, I would have taught her but it better if Sophia taught her as both were sister and knew each other from the birth.

"Ok!" said Sophia, nodding toward her, Lifted Sophia tp sitting position and started to feed her potion little by little. The quantity of view is enough for two people, but I am feeling it all to Raina; the more pain she would feel, the more chance that she will wake up.

Soon I finished feeding all the potion to Raina and except for a few drops that had fallen.

Seconds passed by, but no change occurred in Sophia, seeing that we became very worried as the pain should have hit her a few seconds after drinking the potion, but there was no movement from her after a minute.

I was about to make another pain-inducing potion when I felt the eyes of Sophia twitching, and a few seconds later, she opened her eyes slowly.

"Soph,""Shh! Listen to what I say." Sophia cut off her sister.

Raina opened her eyes and was saying her sisters when she was interrupted by her sister's voice.

"I am going to teach you a method, quickly memorize it, and start to circulate it. Circulate as much as suppressive energy as you could." Sophia said quickly and started to teach her sister the secret method.

Unlike before, Sophia is not hasty, she slowly taught the method to her sister, so she understands in even in an intoxicated state. It's a good thing that the secret formula is straightforward and only has one move.

"Do you understand?" asked Sophia to Raina, Raina nodded loosely "Good, now circulate it with as much as energy you can," Sophia said to her sister.

After Sophia finished, Raina slowly closed her eyes and stayed still as before, others might think she has fallen unconscious, but I know she is circulating the Secret Method.

I hope she circulates as much as suppressive energy as she could, only flowing a high amount of suppressive energy she will be able to stay awake and cleanse her soul of the corrupted soul energy that had been corrupting her soul.

Time passed by and soon five minutes passed, and a very light grey smoke started to release from her body, I am shocked seeing that as the sou

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