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Thank You, PhoenixWolfi, DuskReaper, Mitsogon, Jonathan Dewys, Chris marshall, TesserstrialOverlord for your Patronage on P a t r eon. (You can read 10 chapters at p a t r eon at the half price of Privilege, Link: P a t r e o n.com/monsterintegration)

When I looked inside me, I found the Potion energies are merging with each and turning into the dust and that dust, in turn, turning into the liquid and this happening at very fast.

Before reaching the Major Cleansing there was barely 1% of potion energy had turned into the tusk but now nearly all of merging and turning into the dust.

I could feel that 2nd Major Cleansing is twice as strong as the 1st Major cleansing as it draws out energies that are much deeper than before.

Inside me, I could see all types of energies, energies from potions that I had drunk before, the medicinal energies and I even spotted a very tiny amount of miracle fruit energies toward which Energy of Miracle fruit ran like a hound.

More and more energies started to come out of my body and melt before they fuse into my body, which seemed to heal my body rapidly. The healing speed is so fast that it took me just thirty seconds to fully heal after I reached major cleansing.

When my eyes healed and I was able to see, I found myself completely covered in the thick burned skin, I can see blotches of my flesh skin on the floor and shudder when I thought about moments when I left the botches.

While physically I am doing fine, on a soul level I am still feeling torture. I am circulating an immense amount of suppressive energy and that suppressive energy helps my soul from getting injured.

Though I am feeling immense torture, the benefits I am getting through it also immense, I could feel my soul getting stronger at the visible rate and there is another change happening which I am not sure whether it is illusionary of real.

I hope that the amount of suppressive energy I am circulating would be enough for me to reach the 2nd Accomplishment, Whether I will succeed in reaching it or not only time will tell.

In my body, all the potion energy had turned into the dust before it melted and started fusing with my body, the strength of my body is rising even faster than my soul, I could literally feel myself getting stronger and most amazing thing is that energy of Miracle fruit is growing at a visible rate, if it kept growing at this rate, I am confident that the energy will grow big enough to make me level up.

I kept performing while tracking the changes in my body, I am especially tracking the red potion energized.

Earlier I had thought that all energies of the potion had turned into dust but I was very wrong, there is 1% of the energies that I had not turned into the dust and when I carefully observed them, I found they also had a different shade of red than the two red shades.

The more I observed these energy particles, the more mysteries they seemed. Thinking of uncovering their secret

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