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"H, how do you know?" I asked with little stuttering voice, "I have my ways." she said smilingly.

"You dont have to feel scared; I am not going to harm you, I will pay for what you will give it to me," she said.

I acutely noticed that I have to agree to the transaction as she did not mention about me wanting to accept or not, there is no choice for in this transaction.

Thank God I had received many Knowledge crystals; otherwise, I would have had to tell them about the Totem Artifacts.

"If you have the inheritance Crystal, then I will pay in the Occult Methods. If You share the knowledge with me, then I will pay according to it," she said and looked at me for a reply.

I did not reply, as hearing her I had a different Idea, I want to see what is she is offering for the Totem Artifact Blueprints, if the offer is good then I dont mind giving her the blueprints of Artifacts as in my head they are not going lay any eggs.

Seeing I am not saying anything, she smiled, as if she guesses something.

"If You have gained the knowledge of Plants and Potions, then I will provide potions from the formulas you have provided, if you have gained the Knowledge of Mystical methods, then I will provide you the resources that need for the mystical method...."

She continued stating what she will provide in exchange for the specific knowledge and hearing her, I got know about types of knowledge crystals that exist, and there are many of them.

I let her continued talking as she hadn't spoken about the thing I want. She continued for twenty minutes before I heard what I wanted to hear from her.

"If you have gained the Knowledge of the Totem Artifact Blueprints, then we will provide you with materials to create any Totem Artifact of Blueprint that you have provided."

"If you" "I have gained knowledged Totem Artifacts from the Knowledge Crystal." I cut her off.

It is the moment I was waiting for her to say that since she started speaking. I have gained the natural treasure to craft my totem artifact, but the other materials are very rare that I may bot even able to gather them all in the year.

Not only thy are rare, but they are also costly, and even if I sell all the things I have. I will not be able to buy all the materials I need to craft the artifacts unless I sell the Inheritance Crystal, which I will not do for any price in the world.

"Does your knowledge include Emperor Class Totem Artifacts Blueprints?" she asked, I nodded.

The Emperor Class Totem artifact she had mentioned are the Top 10 artifacts, and all the Emperor class Totem Artifacts required natural treasure as the core material.

"I'll make it clear before we talk any further; I want all the materi

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