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The Comprehension room earlier was quite small for me to help me properly get used to my new strength but fighting in this giant arena helped me a lot in gaining control over my strength.

Now I have good control over my strength, I can now start my attacks in reality.

Bang Bang!

While dodging, I activated mini blast again at 30 degrees and shot toward the left head of the hydra and activated min blast again on sword hand and attacked.


My sword sliced across its neck, creating a big wound on its huge head but right after I made the wound it started to heal, seeing that I am not a big surprise as I had already expected it.

It is a hydra that has great regeneration power. It would heal its cut neck within seconds, compared to it the small wounds I made were nothing. I had created a huge injury. It made an effect on its life bar. I wanted to check it immediately but I could not as I found two heads of the hydra coming at me.


I activated mini blast and dodged the two heads and while dodging, I looked at the life bar which again shocked me. This attack I had made was quite powerful and I had thought, I would have at least taken 1% of its life away but to my shock, only less than 0.1% of its life went away.

If my attacks were going to harm it only this much then it would take more than twelve hours for me to finish it off, by that time only lower spaces of top 100 would be left for me.

Currently, no one has passed the test but soon they will and once it starts it will not stop.

Looks like I have to use that, I thought and the next moment occult energy started to fill into my body.

This is my first time activating the occult method since I rose in strength in Grand Palace, now my body and soul are stronger it can house more occult energy thus giving me more power.

As occult energy filled my body, I can feel my strength is rising exponentially and which is giving me the feeling that I am invincible.


After I filled my body with the occult energy, I took a U-turn and shot toward the Hydra with the speed that I was extremely blurring, it is the highest speed I've ever been.


Just as I reached the Beast, I activated my mini blast behind my sword hand attacked.


My sword went half a meter deep inside it and before its two deads could reach me, I went far away with the remaining power of the mini blast.


It is not much but it is not less either, I thought when I saw the damage I was able to deal with the monster.


It roared and came at me but at that time, I had already gone quite far, I let it chased me for a minute before I attacked it again and went away before it could catch

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