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"No, it is out of my jurisdiction." She said while shaking her head. Gh

I felt as the sky had collapsed when I heard her answer, the mail that I had received from the Guild is about the Midzonezone.

I did not get the Midzone that I wanted instead, given the Midzone that I have never even heard of. How many plans I have made it, I had thought I would adventure with Rachel and provide the date she wanted so that I could call her my girlfriend, but this one mail destroyed it all.

"Do you know anyone who could, a guild leader perhaps?" I asked again; I am desperate. I want to be Rachel, and if I want to spend some price for it, I am ready.

"The postings are decided through the high command, nor me or guild leader have the right to interfere with it," she said.

The final hope I had got dashed by her words, looks like all the things I have dreamed about will go in drain. I was sad for a few seconds before I got control over my emotions.

The thing had happened, and it can't be changed, now I have to think about what to do next.

"Which Midzone you got anyway?" She asked when I had just reigned in my emotions, "Milfred!" I replied.

"You are quite lucky to get Milfred; Its a junction Midzone," she said.

"Junction Midzone?" I asked I have never heard such a term before. "You might not know this, but on the Grimm battlefield, the number of natives is only about 15%."

Just 15%? I thought I had heard that people from the other continents and Central continent came to our continents Grimm battlefield, but I had thoughts their numbers would be less than us natives but who would have thought that we natives are even less than one-sixth in Grimm battlefield.

Its no wonder there are thousands of outposts. When I was in the westblood, I had been informed that there are only twenty-some outposts, but, after coming to the Grimm battlefield, I have come to know that there are more than thousands of Outposts and there higher level battlefield like Midzone and Warzone also.

"Most of the Outposts and Mizones have people of the same continent, but there are about 10% of Mid zones called junction Midzone where people from all the continents except central continent are found."

"These Junction Mid zones are very powerful and competitive and because that is why people from Junction Midzone qualify to the Warzone the most," she said.

Hearing her immense excitement produced in my heart for a moment before it got drawn by the thought that I would not be able to be with Rachel in Midzone, I am going.

"So, it will take a maximum of two months for you to collect the last two materials?" I asked, wanting to deviate my thoughts from the thing about Midzone, at least for a while.

"Yes, two-month maximum, but if my luck is good, then I may able to gather them two weeks," she said and passed me the storage pouch.

"Here is the material; you check it and give me the Blueprints that we have agreed." She said.

I took

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