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I had never thought I would also be in receiving end when I fed Ashlyn the corrupted Solidified Soul.

A second ago, when I was cooking, I had noticed there is change happening in my Soul, my Soul power is slowly increasing. First, I did not sense it as the pure soul power merging with my Soul at the languid speed, but as time passed, I finally able to detect it as it actively affected my Soul.

Ashlyn had eaten the that Solidified Soul, which was very corrupted, and now she is transferring a tiny bit of soul power to me, and it is extremly pure; not a single bit of impurity or corruptness could be felt from it.

I might even say that the level of purity of soul energy that Ashlyn is transferring in me higher than the purity of my Soul. It felt like this pure energy that Ashlyn releasing me clear stream water that merging into a river that contains barely drinkable quality water, that is the difference between the two.

The thumb-size solidified Soul contains quite a bit of soul energy, at least it holds the soul energy of three to Five Knight stage beings which is immense, I wonder how much soul energy Ashlyn will transfer to me.

I kept sensing the energy for a while before I started to cook, if I had not had to so many things today, I would surely track my progress, but unfortunately, I did not have time.

I cooked while Ashlyn kept transferring the soul energy to me, and such time passed by.

The soul power infusion had lasted for one and a half hour, but the soul power boost I got is incredible, I have gained the soul power that is equal to about two Amethyst seals of Supreme Combat Exercise.

This is enormous progress, it will not only help me use my Rule powers more smoothly and take more occult energy in my body, but it would also help me make my Swirling Armor even more compact, thus increasing my strength.

Chew Chew

Ashlyn came out of me soon after she finished transferring the soul energy to me and started to eat on an already set the table, I to join with her.

"So, you finally got the time to call me back," Sarah said, I could see her small projection and know she is quite angry.

Yesterday after I returned from the Ruin, I had messaged her like all my friends, and a few hours, ago when I was at Sophia's, she had called me few times, but I wasn't able to receive her calls.

"You know, I would never miss your calls, its just that something had happened to Raina that I wasn't able to receive your calls," I said, Sarah's anger quite quickly. If I did not tell her reason, then she will remain furious throughout the conversation, which I really dont want to see.

"What happened?" she asked, I started to explain to her in detail about what happene

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