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Thank You, PhoenixWolfi, DuskReaper, Mitsogon, Jonathan Dewys, Chris marshall, TesserstrialOverlord for your Patronage on P a t r eon. (You can read 10 chapters at p a t r eon at the half price of Privilege, Link: P a t r e o n.com/monsterintegration)

In just five minutes I have reached the Top hundred which is really really a record while the others were finished ten or so opponents, I have finished over fifty.

It is a refreshing feeling to be ahead of everybody and all of this possible because of speed, the speed I have is incredible and the thing it is not even my highest speed but it is the speed I can currently control.

My strength had risen too early that I did not have the time to get used to it. Now I am fighting and getting used to my new strength and the more I get used to it, the more strength I can use.

Compared to others my strength is very balanced, I am not too strong is one aspect than others, so all three points complement each other giving me the highest strength.

There is another use of that and that is Occult energy, with my Body (Strength+Vitality) and Soul strong, I can house more occult energy in my body.

More and more time passed and my rank improved yet again but now opponents started to get stronger and stronger that I have to use more power than previous to kill every new opponent.

It's a good thing I have the killing rule which is helping me select who I should kill and who I should leave for the time.

The Battle Royal happened across the whole arena, I am just one of the lucky ones who have the strength to run away from all jumble but as the time passed and we kept getting filtered, the final time of the battle had arrived as there are about three hundred people left in the arena.

There are about two thousand people from the Mid zone who had entered this ruin, thousand from our side and thousand from the Grimm monster side and now 80% of people left in the arena are from the Midzone.

It is not only happening in my arena but on the other arena's as well, all the people left now are strong with at least five Star Elite strength.

Currently, I have enough points to stay in the Top 100 even if I didn't get any points, so now I am moving toward a very strong opponent. This will be the strongest Grimm monster, I will ever face and if I am not wrong then its strength is at least seven-star elite.

On its forehead, there are six white stars but I did not believe it for a second, it may have this strength before entering the Grand Palace but after passing the 1st test and receiving a reward, its strength had increased quite a much like everyone else who was within Top 1000.

It had just finished off its opponent when it saw me coming toward it with the swift speed, seeing me coming it did run away instead it smiled and swung its gigantic hammer which is fully cased in fire at me.

Seeing its attack, I smiled and directly attacked with my sword, this will be my first time di

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