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"Raina are you feeling fine, you looked a little pale?" I asked raina as we were flying toward our apartment.

"I have come across something in Ruin, It will pass when I rested enough," Raina said with a light smile. I know that everything is not right seeing how worried she looked for her sister.

I wanted to ask more but I refrain myself, Raina is only slightly pale and if she said she will be fine then she should be and if they needed help they just have to ask.

It has been more than two hours since we went from the ruin, we first talked to our friends and then we met with our former instructor whose power I am still not able to see despite advancing leaps and bounds.

Leaving the square we went to the guild to use its network to talk to our family from guilds secured network before applying for leave and Mid zone.

Now that our strength surpassed the Three Star Elite, we can apply for leave, so we did and we also apply for midzone as we have far surpassed the power of the Outposts and even in midzone we will be fairly strong.

Both of the requests will be processed as long as we proved our strength in the guild challenge, we would have done that earlier if not being there is already a huge crowd waiting to do that.

"Goodbye, Micheal.""Goodbye, both of you." I bid farewell to both of them as I flew toward my apartment.

When I reached my apartment there was already a drone waiting beside it holding a huge package, I took the package from the open door.

Chew chew….

Just as I entered the door, Ashlyn started to chirp furiously, wanting me to open the package as soon as possible so she could eat.

"Here you go."

I didn't delay and opened the package for her as I know how hungry she is. After opening the package for her, I took off my clothes, went to the bathroom and did not get out of it for an hour.

I had not taken a good bath in these three days and I am dying to do that as I was feeling quite itchy, only after taking a long bath did feel calm and refreshed.

When I got out of the bath, I found Ashlyn lying on the table with a bloated stomach, no matter how many times I looked at her, I always found very cute with this pose.

I shook my head seeing that before I opened a few dishes and started to eat, I haven't eaten anything for a day and feeling quite hungry, if not for me wanting to wash away that itchiness, I would have started eating with Ashlyn.

After I finished eating, I laid on the bed to sleep and fell into dreamless sleep a few seconds after my head touched the pillow.

Tring Tring Tring…

I was in a sound sleep when I heard my holowatch ringing insistently, first I didn't wake up as I was in quite deep sleep but when I

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