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0.1 inches this is the limit of what it can get and that is in its current form when I will fully ably cover my body fire, it will become even more compact by then.

My armor can reach 0.1 inches at least but that doesn't mean I will be able to make it that much with my current ability. To make my armor this compact I will need shit loud of soul energy and even finer control over my ability.

Currently, my Swirling Armor has a compactness of 1.1 inches and now I have resolved the design issue, I will be able to make it more compact after I return.

Now the design issue is resolved, I should now work on solving the issues that current Swirling Armor has.

The armor is a little more complicated than before which in turn had increased its summoning time. I now had to find the correct method of summoning which would make its time of summoning equal or less than before.

Time passed and I kept trying different ways of summoning the armor, some were bad some were good. I chose one good method and started to work on improving it. This method of summoning is a little different than before if I master it properly then I may be able to bring down the time of summoning armor less than before.

Not only did I work on cutting the time of Armor summoning but I also carried out a few trials on complete fire armor which I will have when I reach the Lieutenant stage.

I am doing this because I don't want to be caught off guard after reaching the Lieutenant stage, so it is much better if I prepared for it before. If I luckily was able to level to the Lieutenant stage in the Grand Palace then it would be a huge help.

So while most of the time I would focus on cutting time of Armor summoning, I would also try creating complete Swirling Armor from time to time.


I was working on my armor when the mind palace shook a little and I knew my time was over.

This opportunity was nothing less than a big chance, I was able to correct the flawed design of my Swirling Armor and also able to get much inspiration from the Images that are going help me very much in the future.


As I came back myself I had found myself in extreme physical weakness that I directly fell on the ground. Mentally I am absolutely fine, I never felt so clear-headed in my entire life but physically feeling extremely tired and smelled familiar foul smell around me.


When I checked my condition, I gasped in shock. I am shocked like never before, it took me a while to come back to myself and thoroughly checked my condition which again made me shocked and ecstatic.

From what I am understanding when I reached 1st Accomplishment I had entered Mind Palace but my body continues performing the four methods unconsc

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