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"Why are we going to market?" asked Rachel asked after we got out of the Abode, "We have to buy few things that are necessary to raise our strength," I replied, to which she opened her mouth to say something but closed it as no words came out of my mouth.

We walked silently toward the market and the scene I saw was three times bigger than yesterday, I had expected that the market will grow bigger but I didnt think it will grow this in just a single night.

Unlike yesterday, today humans and the Grimm monster had connected the markets just like they did in the Garden but the scale is huge and security of it is very tight.

I could see the guards from the human side and Grimm patroling heavily, there reach the even in the slight argument that occurred between the people of the two races.

This market is power keg near the fire, just a slight mistake and that powder keg would blast apart. If the battle happened then hundreds of thousands, even millions of people would die.

Yesterday there were barely a few thousand people were on the human side but now they have become near million and it will keep increasing in six days, so both side didnt want anything to happen to jeopardize their lives because, in just big battle where millions of people would involve, even strongest person would fall if enough people attack him.

The fees for setting shop are quite hefty and if not for me getting a 50% discount due to belonging to S class Class guild, I would have also felt the pinch.

After setting up the shop, I connected my holowatch to the market server and published the list of things I want in the name of my shop, I've even projected the list on the projector of my shop, so now I just have to sit and wait for herbs to come to me.

"All of these herbs you are asking for either rare or very rare, if not for being in the Ruin, it would be very hard to get hands-on such rare herbs outside." Said Rachel read the numbers of the herbs I want to buy.

Yes they are very rare herbs and outside the big organizations, guilds, and adventurers Paradice buy them at the high price, so it is only in this place I would able to get hands-on such rare herbs and medicine, outside they would disappear as soon as they appear in the market.

"If I am not wrong then you should be concocting potions with them right?" asked Rachel, as expected someone from the Alchemical organization.

"Yes, I have come across some soul, body, and vitality strengthening formulas" I answered but next moment, I found both of them being shocked and Rachel even put her fair hands on my mouth.

I am surprised by her sudden action and wanted to ask why she did that but I didnt as I saw a girl coming across our shop.

"Do you h

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