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The Yellow snakeman came out of the trees while the other Grimm monster who is hiding in the tree stayed there.

I could understand why it did not come out, it is a little stronger than the Tigerman but the difference between them is not that great, it clearly knew that if it came out it will surely be killed but I am not one who showed mercy on those who have killing intent toward me, especially the Grimm race monsters.

"Ashlyn go sends our that still hiding in the trees to the underworld," I said to Ashlyn while I activated my Occult method to face the Yellow Snakemen that is coming toward me.

This Yellow Snakeman is very strong and Swirling Armor is not enough, I will have to occult method and every other strength I have to fight with it and even then I am not sure I will be able to defeat it.

Ahhh Thud!

As this Yellow snakemen just crossing the distance, we heard the screaming for a moment before screaming abruptly stopped and next second ahlyn came out of woods.

It took Ashlyn barely five seconds to that Grimm monster that is hiding behind the tree.

Yellow snakeman which had been slowly coming toward me stopped seeing Ashlyn came out of the wood but next moment it suddenly took a leap and swung its sword at me with the blurring speed.

This snake is quite crafty, it had acted like it had been surprised by seeing Ashlyn quickly kill its companion before it abruptly leaped at me with the blurring speed.

If there had been any other person, he would have definitely would have fallen to this simple but clever ploy but it was its back that it had met me, who could sense the killing intent.

Seeing its sword coming at me, I also swung my sword at it with full power.


Thud thud thud

Our swords clashed and I felt immense force permitting toward me, most of that force crushed by the swirling armor but some of it went inside me, I had to mobilize my rule powers and Occult energy to crush the force and the Occult energy came from the enemy.

I still have to take the three-step back to dissolve the residue force in my body.

"You are stronger than I had expected but you are still going to die!" said the snakeman as came at me with the attack that is stronger than before.

I want to reply with something witty but its attack is so fast that it will arrive in front of me before I could form half the world.


Thud Thud….

Its thin blade slashed across me but I had defended with my sword and like last time, this time also I took the steps back.

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

It launched one attack after another, not wanting to give me any chance to live. Its every move angled toward either my neck or my heart, it is hell-bent on killing me as quickly as possible.

Its attack is fast and swift that all I could do is to defend and that is also barely, I had a way to underestimated it, this Grimm monster is very powerful especially with that speed of it.

It had the power t

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