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Writhing in pain, I circulate the energy through every part of my soul with the secrete method.

It is very painful, it felt more painful than that self frying in the pan but I continued, I continued for the benefits I will receive.

I have read the benefits of tempering one's soul and these benefits are enough for me just in lave and this just circulating the few strands of the energy.

This energy from the Soul Temper Diamond will clean my soul and temper it top of it. With such a clear and tempered soul, not only my thoughts will become clear but my comprehension power will also increse.

It will increse my comprehension speed and I will also be able to utilize them more expertly than before and not to forget the progress I will make in the Swirling Armor.

But these are nothing compare to what I will get when leveling up from the Knight stage and fusing with inheritance before I enter the Lord Stage.

To fuse with inheritance perfectly, one needs to have a perfect body and soul. Body Cleansing Technique is to get the perfect body but for the soul, there is no method known.

Some soul-cleansing methods must be in the hands of those high-level organization but they are not known in my continent which considered a rural part of the world.

Body Cleansing Technique does not need any resources but soul-cleansing methods do, without a perfect a catalyst the soul can't be cleansed, that is probably the reason why the soul-cleansing methods arent popular here as the resources required for are immense.

A rise grain side Soul Tempering Diamond is enough to shake the whole city, people will be ready to pay any price, even kill if they got to know if one has the Soul Tempering Diamond.

This thing could change one life and now I am lucky enough to get the chance to purify my soul in the energy released by the Soul Tempering Diamond.

Ten minuits passed since I started circulating this extremly painful energy, in the first minuit I did not feel anything but from the second minuit, I started to feel more clearheaded than normal and this is just the starting .

In just a few minuits such unbelievable changes had occurred to my soul, I wonder what will happen if I kept refining for an hour, I thought as I started to take more and more of energy despite feeling the immense pain.

I started to increse circulation of suppressive energy little by little, though pain is immense, the result it brought also was very good, not only my soul had been cleansed, the suppression it put on loosen a little bit that I was able to crawl one step.

I wanted to take one more step but suppression had increased again after taking the step and I again paste against the floor without having the energy.

Looks like the closer I got to the center, the thicker this suppression energy will become, so if I want to cross this tall I will have cleans my soul enough that I would be able to pass through the hall in this intense suppression.

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