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I landed a few twenty-some kilometers away from the beam and then move toward it with a mini blast. If this had been the Outpost, I would not be this cautious about other people noticing Ashlynn's ability but in this ruin where people who could kill me in a single move are present.


I activated the mini blast and flew towards the beam. My speed is very fast than it took me a few minuits to reach the hill near the blue beam.

"A city?" I whispered as that is what I am seeing, there are lines and lines abodes till eyes can see and people could be seen everywhere.

There must three to four hundred thousand abodes on the human side alone, it felt like a fucking city. The Grimm monster also had their camp with more than twice our numbers.

I had stopped for a few minuits on the hill watching the two camps before, I walked toward the camp.

It had been barely a day since single went out there are already this many people, I wonder how many people came in a week, there would at least few million and that is on the Grimm side.

Both sides had already formed a camp and security seemed very tight, especially on the border of both sides.

The wall of the camps made by the collection of the thousands of protection Artifacts, there are hundreds of sentry power and people could be seen guarding them.

There are four gates that allow entry into the camp and each gate had the insignia of the S Class guild projected on them. I am a member of the Ranging Thunder, so I obviously walked toward the gate which projected the symbol of Raging Thunder.

There were tens of lines for registration before they were allowed to go inside but nor me, I directly walked toward the gate and no one stopped me, inside the gate I had register which I did by simply flashing my guild badge to the scanner before I entered inside the camp.

The camp is divided into the various parts but two are important and that is residential aria market aria.

Both are very big but one made me most ecstatic is the Market, this market is at least thousend times bigger than the one in Garden and I have no doubt with big market I will find all materials for the 17 potions I need, not only for myself I am confident that with millions of people that will be coming I will find materials to concoct solution for my family and friends.

Ting Ting Ting!

I was started to walk toward the market when suddenly the bracelet which hadn't rung ever since I entered this Ruin finally rang.

This bracelet had given to us by our former team leader, if we entered a certain range of each other then this bracelet will ring and show direction.

When I looked at the Band, I saw it is showing

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