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"It would have been very nice if Jim would have been here, some potions need basic alchemical skills," I said as I entered the abode with Rachel and Sophia.

Just as I said I felt all hairs on my body rise suddenly and found Rachel glaring at me very fearfully. "Dont you know I am from the alchemical organization didn't you that I may some alchemical skills." Rachel said in a very slow tone.

Fuck! Rachel is angry, she is very angry. Seeing her getting very angry at me, I looked at Sophia for help, only to see she is looking at me gloatingly wanting to have fun at my expense.

That damned Jim! If not for him, I wouldn't have said such a thing.

"J...Jim had said that you three siblings despite born in the alchemical organization have z..zero knowledge of alchemy." I said explaining stutteringly, this was his exact words he said when I asked him about Rachel and her sister's alchemical skills.

I didnt hesitate to throw Jim under the bus as it was he that said these words to me.

"That little bastard, I will see him when I return!" Rachel said through gritted teeth before she turned to me, which again scared the hell out of me and I promised myself that I will try my hardest to never anger Rachel again.

"Give me that potion formula and take out the herbs, I will show you my zero alchemical skills." Rachel said.

Without hesitation, I forwarded the formula to her and also started to take out the herbs medicines which I had already had separated when I got them.

Taking the herbs and medicine for me, she typed few buttons on her holowatch next moment a big counter appeared from the ground.

She placed all herbs and medicines on the counter and started to read the formulae before she started to take out various alchemical instruments from her storage. I would have been surprised if I saw her taking out alchemical instruments earlier but now hearing what she said, I am surrounded anymore.

After she took out the instruments, she started to do real alchemy which is a really complicated process, a simple mistake could result in the waste of all ingredients.

Rachel started to make the potion with a singular process, her motions were flued and not the single error could be seen on them, Rachel must have quite an experience for her to be this fluid.

'That little shit!' I cursed Jim in my heart. If these were not the skills then what it is but when I compared her to Jim, she seemed lacking very much.

I have seen Jim make potions several times and when I compare to both of them, there is a clear difference to be seen in their skills could be seen, compared to Jim Rachel does seem novice but I am not an idiot enough to say that and bear wrath again.

Alchemy is a slow proce

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