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"Rachel, Sophia does anyone of you know energy Isolation formation?" I asked. I know many formations including the common Isolation formation but I do know the energy Isolation formation as it is not only high-level formation but also requires basic mastery in the art of runic formations.

"I do," Rachel answered.

"Why do you need Energy Isolation formation?" I asked Rachel, "Can you draw it across the whole training room." I said dodging the question which made of the girls glower at me.

I thought Rachel will not draw the formation before knowing why but to my surprise Rachel just glower at me for a few seconds before she started drawing the formation.

It took her fifteen minuits draw the formation and the formation she had drawn is flawless, no mistakes could be seen in it.

"Now what?" Rachel asked still glowering, I did not say anything just took out the tiny that I am wearing as a bracelet and activated few ruins on and suppressive energy started to came out it.

"Soul Tempering Diamond!" I had adjusted the right amount of energy about get up and about explain what I am doing when I head Sophia shouting Soul Tempering Diamond loudly.

"What! Soul Tempering Diamond!" Rachel also shouted second after Sophia did. Hearing their shouts I felt little down, before gaining the knowledge crystal, I do not have any Ideal about these excellent treasures but seen how shock they are seeing it, these have pretty good ideas about what Soul Tempering Diamond is.

"I...It's Soul Tempering Diamond right?" Sophia as stutteringly as I stood up after placing the bottle at the center.

"My brother told me is the one the best treasure of the soul for the Knight stage," Sophia said. I nodded, not only it is useful in the knight stage but the above stage also but it is the Knight stage warriors could get the most benefit from it.

"Do you guys know any soul-cleansing method?" I asked they both shook their head cutely, "I'll teach you to listen well." I said and started to teach them the secrete method.

The Secrete method is very easy since it only has one circulation, the real problem is practicing it, it is damn torturous that no sane person would do so.

Ahhh ahh...

Both girls screamed loudly as they tried to circulate the suppressive energy into their soul.

"Circulate this while performing Body Cleansing Exercise, the pain will be manageable that way," I said and walked toward the place that is near Rachel.

"Let's start then!" I said about to start as like them my body also turns red, the medicinal energy in the meat was not enough to make me go red, I had also eaten some strong medicinal monsters meat that I had cooked myself and Ashlyn.

"Wait for a minuit, I thi

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