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I finally reached the center of the Hall and I can feel the Soul braking concentration of Suppressive energy here if I had first experienced this amount of suppressive energy after entering the hall then I would have surely fallen be severally injured or even dead.

Suppressive energy is too great and after reaching the center of its concentration, I have even lost the capability to twitch my fingers.

Despite laying immobile, I did not stop circulating this suppressing energy into my soul to cleanse it further, I did not forget my target which is to reach the 1st accomplishment.

It will be very hard to reach it, it like performing 108 poses of Body Cleansing Technique for the first time, it will closer to impossible especially to those who are not in peak levels of Knight stage.

I kept circulating this painful suppressive energy and soon I was able to shake my hands a little and few minuits passed I became capable of moving my hands slowly.

I kept circulating more and more energy, the more I circulate the more control over the body I got back and more it will cleanse my soul.

I dont know how much time had passed but I finally able to sit on the floor, I somehow sat on the floor and started circulating it with even more frenzy as for leaving for a door that is in the end, I dont really care. This opportunity is way bigger than the soul energy that I will receive on the top floor.


I suddenly stopped circulating, its not that I stopped intentionally but I have to as my soul reach the limit, I will have to rest for a few hours before I could start again.

Bull will I get another chance? I thought disappointedly as I started to crawl toward the end of the hall, I've had experienced the worst suppressive energy and now that I am going away from the center, the suppressive energy started to thin out and I got easier time crawling.

When I covered more than half of the distance, I felt good enough that I stood up shakingly and walked toward the end of the hall with the slow steps.

'There is still ten minuits.' I thought as I looked at my holowatch, it took me two hours and fifty minuits to clear this test and I feel amazing.

Chew chew chew chew!

I am about to walk into the gate when I heard Ashlyn chirp and look of unbelievable ness came on my face.

Ashlyn is saying that she is feeling no restriction in coming out of me and if I want then she would try to bring that shiny thing out of the formation.

'Really?' I asked right back in excitement but soon thought several of the problems, first is a gap in the formation is only big as an adult thumb but that is not the problem as Ashlyn could reduce her size of them so that she could enter inside the gap.

The miracle fruit of morph not only lets her increse her size but it also gives her the ability to decrease her size alos.

The real problems are whether Ashlyn could go near the Soul Tempering Diamond and if she is able to go in bearing t

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