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The Grimm monsters screamed wouldn't stop, well I would do the same if I were at its place, the bastard is cut into the half.

All the people who sat on the damaged alter received some and some type of injuries, lightest was the cut while gravest was being cut into two, its all happened when transported out of the Palace.

Two humans and two Grimm monster have been lost their limbs and now they are busy connecting their cut body parts including the Grimm monster that is cut into the half.

The Grimm monsters had fed it several potions and now busy connecting its both body parts. If it had drunk the potion similar to the Grade of the core of Ominous plant then it will take it maximum an hour for it to become good as became but the potion is lower than that then it may even take a day or more.

Seeing there nothing more here for me, I started to walk after taking one last look at the Palace Eionic Blessing which hadn't sunk into the soul as it should have been.

This Palace is clearly malfunctioned and I only able to open the door due to the mysterious ring if not for it, it would have been impossible to open its doors.

Just what are other secrete are you hiding? I asked to the plain-looking ring in my finger.

I am very happy I had decided to take the chances with the skeleton in the repository, it was risky but it was more than worth it as I was able to get this mysterious ring.

Both of the time it opened something I had received the windfall, second time way greater than first and I couldn't help but wonder what I will get if ring able to open something again.

Today I had not only received the soul type eionic blessing which is comparable to the twenty-five seals of Supreme Combat Exercise but also got wonderful treasure as Soul Tempering diamond which one best treasure one could have in the Knight Stage.

Now I want to good spot to set up and abode and level up, in the morning I have nearly collected all the Miracle fruit energy I needed and now I have to feed it little more and I will be able to level up to the Peak Master and eat the miracle fruit which directly takes me to the Lieutenant stage.

Not only Lieutenant stage will provide me with enough mana that I could completely cover my body with the swirling Armor but I will also get the Totem Seed which helps craft my Totem Artifact.

But first thing first and that is finding the good place to set up an abode, I cant set up my abode here as this is very close to the toward the Palace of Eionic Blessing.

A fire started covering my body and soon swirls started forming on it, soon my armor reached the compactness of the 1.15 inches, that is highest I could go in the morning but now is different.

I continued spinning the swirls and my armor got mor

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