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"You are very unl!" It stopped halfway as I instantly arrived before it and pierced its chest before it knew happened, I did not use the mini blast, mine and armor power was enough for me to gain the instant speed.

In the past week, I've improved tremendously. Not only I had drunk a shit load of the potion but I have also made improvement in my swirling armor which increased my strength by a notch.

Now in this test, the only monster from the Mid zone is a challenge to me, even if there was someone who improved as me, he will no threat to me with my current power.

Three seconds later both parts of the body disintegrated and disappeared and I started to walk down the hill searching for anyone who I could kill.

Currently, I have only three points and I will need to have above four hundred points to be sure to gain the spot in the top 1000.

In the document, it is written that gaining points is easier but maintaining them hard as once one name reached in the top one thousend, thousands of people hunt you like a dog and you have no choice but to run as even strongest would not able to deal with that much of people.

Its a good thing, this test lasts for only a day otherwise it would have near impossible to for to maintains one's top score.

Clang Clang…

I have heard the sound when I was walking down the hill and I slowly walked toward it. Careful not to burn any leaves by my fire, even with my current control over the fire, I couldnt help but burn down some grass as I walk.

I wish I had the ability like Ashly and could change the temperature of the fire but I did not. Everything came with the price and for the power of swirling armor this is the small price I have to pay and that is why I did not walk on the ground when I move in swirling armor.

I finally got close enough to where the sound came from and was quite surprised there are six people fighting and they are not fighting in the team but to each other in a jumbled way.

Anyone is attacking anyone if it had been outside people would have formed the group but here there is no group or race only points, that is the thing that mattered most,

These six people have fourteen points together if I able to finish them all then I would gain those fourteen points and will have seventeen points together if I am able to beat them all.

Why I have to beat them all, I just have to wait for the final winner and I will get all the winner points when I killed him.

After making the plan, I moved a few steps back and hide behind the tree so they could not find the fireman easily.

I did not have to wait for long as in five minutes the battle ended and the winner big goatman with a sawtooth blade in his hands.

Sr Srr….

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