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Chapter 833 - Killing Seven Star Elite


"F.u.c.k!" I cursed as the blade of the Grimm Monster had left the Gruesome injury on my back. It died, but its death could not douse the momentum attack it had lauched.

As I stopped, the first thing I did was to bite down the healing medicine I had in my teeth before looking at the Grimm Monster, who is completely dead.

The fireball that Ashlyn had used on it was not her regular fireball but the one which is infused with the both of Method Energies that Ashlyn had taken it from me.

This idiot of a Grimm Monster had mistaken it for the normal fireball and lost its life to it.

'Good Girl.'

I said to Ashlyn. I had asked her not to use these energies in the public as it would create unforeseeable consequences but seeing my life in danger.

I can't fault her for using that, and besides, I don't think anyone had sensed it as she had covered the fireball with the thick killing energy, which makes it really hard for one sensed the method energies in the fireball.

Still, there is a lot of proof. If one looked intentionally sensed the would of the monster, they would sense method energies there, which is why I had quickly stored the body, so there would be no proof.


After taking a minute rest, I sped toward the main battlefield. The battle there had reached a peak, and my teammates were facing intense pressure.

From around twelve hundred or so, Aqua Rhinomen had gone down to two hundred, and that sent them to frenzy.

Their numbers had lessened, but their attack had become even more fearsome, which is making the condition of my teammates even worse.

I couldn't watch that, so even if there is still quite a time before I could refine Third Petal of black cosmic energy, I would still go and fight.

And it is not like I am powerless or something, I still have my Featherlight method which I could use for some, so as long as I remain cautious, I will survive and even be able to kill some Grimm Monsters if I am smart.

I sped toward the group Aqua Rhinomen who are fighting against the Six Star Golden Elite teammates of mine.

He is currently in bad condition as nearly all the Aqua Rhinomen on the battlefield, the Aqua Rhinomen he is fighting had also gone into a frenzy.

Zup Zup Zup

I took out three knives from my storage and threw at the three frenzied Aqua Rhinomen. These are different from the knives I had thrown out earlier.

These knives had no cloud of black sand covering them; they only had faint violet energy covering them, which is the energy of the Featherlight.

The knives went toward the Three Aqua Rhinomen, of which only two looked back and swung their blades back to defend, but the knives were too fast that they had struck through their bodies before they could properly defend.

Two knives stuck at the neck of the whole Aqua Rhinomen while another last one at the chest of the Aqua Rhinoman.


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