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Chapter 836 - Discussion

When I woke up, I felt really good, all the exhaustion and bone-deep tiredness I was feeling yesterday had simply vanished.

Seeing two hours before the meeting started, I quickly freshened up and guzzled another medicinal monster core and started practicing again.

Usually, I would have cooked before I started to practice or if there would have been time constraints, I would cook first and practice later, but now I am not doing that now.

Now, I want to practice every moment and increase my strength, which I think I would. Yesterday's battle stimulated my growth, and since I already have the potential to become Adamantine, I just have to keep acc.u.mulating as I did that, I will keep improving at faster pace.

Soon I reached my limit and fell on the floor exhausted, I lay on the floor like dead fish for a minute before I got up and walked toward the shower and after I returned, I took out packaged food and ate with Ashlyn.

Like her, I also don't like packaged food, but since I don't have time to cook here, I have to eat packaged food begrudgingly. It's not like packaged food is not good, it is delicious, but since I had a habit of eating fresh and hand-cooked, I don't much like eating packaged food.

Still, I will buy some packaged food, the food that the team leader served in the meetings was delicious, I will have to ask her from where did she get her food, once we finished with our food.

After I finished my food, there were only twenty minutes remaining till the meeting. So I decided to spend that twenty minutes brushing Ashlyn's coat, which I had not done in a few days.

Fifteen minutes passed by, and finally, I put the brush down and walked out of my room with Ashlyn.

When I reached the conference room, I found nearly everyone had arrived, except for a leader and six others. This time when I arrived, these people seemed a lot more friendly, and some of them even gave me a small smile, but nobody talked to me.

Their behavior seemed quite surprising to me before as when new members appeared on the team, everyone would talk to him but it was the opposite, it seemed here nobody is interested in talking to the rookie.

I had first thought they did not like or some other reason like this, but it is not. As I observed their behaviors more, I found there is no dislike or hate in their eyes for me, it's just that they are not talking to me for some reason.

After much thinking, the only reason I could think of their behavior is that there is a smoking test for a rookie or something like that, so unless the rookie had not done that thing, they would not talk to him.

Well, whatever the test or requirement they had, I think I am scoring quite fine. Ashlyn and I had wiped out nearly one-third of the camp yesterday, though what we have killed were weaklings, but they were a shitload of weaklings that would have been immensely troublesome for the team to deal with.

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