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Chapter 825 - Spying

After two hours of discussion, I walked out of the Abode with three others. I covered myself with mud just like before and sneakily walked toward the camp of the Grimm Monsters, which is ten kilometers away.

Four of us will take four different directions and observe the camp of Grimm Monsters from four directions. I will have to look for everything, from what tribe of Grimm Monsters they are to the time of their shift to the time they eat, everything.

This is an Extremely Hard difficulty mission. One could not just barge inside and kill the Grimm Monsters. If we do that, then it will not take much time for us to get exterminated.

We will deal with not, not hundred but thousand Golden Elite, and that is on condition that we could destroy the teleportation formation first, if we fail to do that before attacking them we will be facing an endless horde of Grimm Monsters from formation and it will be our extermination not theirs.

I moved through the swamp cautiously, avoiding any Grimm Monster Ive come across, but there f.u.c.k.i.n.g too much of them, and the worst thing is, I am finding all of these f.u.c.kers at my level or a level higher than me.

So there is no way I could just kill the Grimm Monster in the single attack soundlessly before moving away, which is why I sometimes had to stop for a while before I could move again.

Which is why it took me three whole hours to reach the camp of the Grimm Monsters, three f.u.c.k.i.n.g hours. If I could fly, I would not have taken even a minute at my highest speed to cross 10 Km, but now it had taken me three hours.

When I looked at the camp of Grimm Monsters, I couldn't help but remember the Black Market but of smaller size.

In front of me is a huge dome made of energy, it is quite big, a size of a small village, inside hundreds of abodes, could be seen in neat lines with Aqua Rhinomen Grimm Monsters patrolling the perimeter heavily.

The most eye catching thing in this Camp is two Dark Color Teleportation gates, from my red vision, I could see them clearly and also see the people that are coming and going out of them.

From what I had heard from my teammates till now, when we attack, our first mission is to destroy the Teleportation Gate so that no reinforcements will come.

Teleportation Gate or no teleportation gate, this mission is extremely difficult and I feel like I could lose my life. I could see that every Grimm Monster inside the camp is Golden Elite, which has at least one Star on their temple.

I am pretty close to the Camp just two hundred meters away; this distance is extremely dangerous. The leader had cautioned me to observe from half a kilometer and should not go any close.

But I still did it as I felt like I could go close with the help of Artifact and Killing Rule.

The Aqua Rhinomen are cautious, they have not only posted the Guards inside the Camp but also on outside and there is one Aqua Rhino

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