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Chapter 839 - Madness I

The Violet Stripped Serpantmen converged, and they burst out with the terrifying strength.

They seemed to be really angry at the explosion and wanton killing. Their killing intent is so that I could literally taste it, and I have to say It has a very quite different flavor, I've never sensed so much hate in the killing intent before.

This is also the most intense killing intent I've ever felt, I've felt killing intent in War where Millions but it is not this concentrated. The power of killing intent depends on who it was emitting it, and currently, it is Golden Elites, which are releasing the killing intent.

These are not normal Golden Elite, but Golden Elites which are at least Six Star or above, and they all are gathered in the small space.

Sensing such killing intent, I could feel the ribbon in my source vibrating and giving me enhancement in power. I have comprehended the Killing Rule, and in the presence of a high Killing Intent, the power of my Killing Rule increased a small margin.

But it is not all killing intent could affect and ribbon inside my source, the killing intent has to be extremely thick like this one; only then it can affect the Red Ribbon Inside my source.

Such Killing intent is a good thing for me but also a bad thing as only in such killing intent, the possibility of me losing control increases immensely, and for that, I have to be very careful.

"Human Die!"

Shouted a bunch of Seven Star Golden Elite Violet Striped Serpantmen at me and attacked me with their Mystic Methods.

Currency I was besieged by the five Seven Star Violet Striped Serpantmen, there were seven at first, but I killed two of them a few seconds ago.

Seeing their attack coming toward me, I did not panic; instead, I looked at the attacks carefully before leaping between the space between them.

This is an extremely dangerous move, more dangerous than the leaping between two blades as if I got scratched by the blades, nothing will happen, but if I scratch by these attacks there are quite high chances that I would die.

These attacks of Method Energy which are launched by the Seven Star Golden Elite are extremely deadly to Three Star Golden Elite like me.

Sup Sup Sup…

As I had leaped, five kunai's appeared in both of my hands. Three of them went forward while two went backward with the speed that is nearly invisible to the eyes.

Puchi Puchi Puchi…

These three Violet Striped Serpantmen were fast to react seeing knives in my hand, but they were still too slow compared to the knives that were coming toward them as all of them got pierced through it without exception.

'The featherlight Method is really amazing if first level cold gives me such speed then what the 2nd, 3rd, and others' my heart started to beat loudly just thinking about that.


I was just busy with my thoughts when suddenly I sensed a thick killing intent targeted at me and w

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