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Chapter 831 - Unique Style II

Seeing the two attacks of Aqua Rhinomen coming toward me at a swift, I simply jumped. Yes jumped, with me taking the jump I directly avoided the two method attacks launched by the Aqua Rhinomen.

For others of my level, doing something like this is impossible, but I have a Featherlight method which increases not only my speed but also movement, doing something like this is very easy with the help of it.

This is why I had said if they attacked the knives, they would have gained something from it, but attacking me, they gained nothing as with speed I and knives moving toward them, this was the only chance they had of attacking.

If they attack again now, they will be defenseless against the knives and me that is speedily coming toward them.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

Soon knives had reached them, and that exact moment, they were showered by the tens of fireballs from above. With their power, they could easily dodge the fireballs that are coming toward them, but if they did that, they would be skewed by super fast knives that are coming toward them.

Struggles could be seen on their faces as they saw everything coming at them at once. The struggle lasted on their faces for a moment before they Gritted their teeth and decided to defend against fireball forcefully.

Seeing their choice, I shook my head as they signed their doom; once the fireball touched them, no one would be able to save them.

Clang Clang Clang Dhub Dhub Dhub…

The Aqua Rhinomen blades clashed against the knives as they were successfully able to defend against them, but at the same time, the tens of fireballs crashed into three Aqua Rhinomen.

They tried to dodge the attack and even dodged several of them but not too many as they are damn too fast, and there is me also who is coming at them, seeing me they swung their swords but to their surprise, I just stopped just inches away from their range.


I stopped a few inches from the range of their attack and attacked them with my attack with Domain of Withering Sand, especially targeting this attack on the Aqua Rhinoman, who had the defensive method activated.

The Aqua Rhinomen completely caught off guard by my attack as in the attack of Domain of Withering Sand. I had mixed a small amount of Featherlight energy, which made the attack fast enough that Aqua Rhinoman could not dodge it.


The Aqua Rhinoman started to scream loudly, seeing that two remaining Aqua Rhinomen came at me, wanting to take advantage of extreme tiredness that appeared on me.

Slice Slice Slice!

But they had just taken a single step when they found their whole body turning red, and their movements were slowing down, seeing that I smiled and used the last bit of featherLight energy, I could use to decapitate the three Aqua Rhinomen with the single wave of my sword.

Thud Thud Thud…

Sound of bodies falling could be heard, but I was in no mood to

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