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Chapter 819 - FeatherLight I

Hearing his answer, I don't know what to say as the reason he started is very reasonable. Even if these Mystic Methods are fatally dangerous, there are many people with secrets that could go around the flaw.

Though most of the time, these methods have been taken by the idiots who have too much confidence themselves. The web has filled the stories of idiots who practiced very dangerous Mystic Methods and lost their lives through it.

"How powerful are they?" I asked curiously. If these skills weren't sufficiently powerful, they wouldn't be shown here as nobody would buy when they had a safe option.

"The least powerful method in the Black Books is twice as powerful than the most powerful method among the while books." said the scrawny Xavier.


I couldn't help but sucked a deep breath . I don't know how powerful these methods in white books are, but if they are as powerful as normal speed methods, then the methods in black books should be twice as powerful, which is powerful enough.

I took a look at all the books before I went toward the Black Books, I also have a small secret, let me see if my secret is enough to bypass the fatalness these Methods have.

'Zero Flash' this is the name of the first skill, it lets one have the instant movement, just like the teleportation the flaw it had that one ingredient it had to create a very lethal poison that corrodes the body, one could not leave for more than a month after practicing the 1st level of this method.

This is quite a good Method, and I would choose it if not for me needing the Method that gives me speed to run away, not flash here and there at close distance, as for the poison it produced, I am very sure that Nero would love the powerful poison this method would produce.

I shook my head as I released the book before picking up the second one, just reading the first, I released it back. This method is a freezing butterfly. It is a very powerful method which gives very speed but I could not use it.

It is the Ice-type Mystic Method, which clearly stated that those who have a Fire-type ability or fire constitution should not practice it as it will create a conflict of the element in their body, just reading that I put the book away, I didn't even read the flaw it had.

Now only one black book had remained. If it was not suitable for me, then I will have to choose one of the lesser powerful Mystic Methods in a white cover.

"FeatherLight" is the name of the last Mystic Method, the description said it would make one's movement soft as feather and fast as light. This method is not purely a speed type method, or I may it is a rare Movement+Speed type Mystic Method.

This method fills one's body with a strange energy that makes movements of every part of the body faster, so with the help of not only I could run faster, but my every moment also became faster.

I had thought since it is a Hybrid type metho

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